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Latest Sex Doll Blogs Updated In July

Sex dolls, once a fringe topic, have become a significant part of modern discussions on intimacy, companionship, and technology. Among the various brands, Bezlya has garnered attention for its realistic and customizable sex dolls. But the question remains: Does anyone actually own a Bezlya doll? In..
Irontech Sex Dolls are transforming the realm of intimate experiences, bringing users into a world of unprecedented realism and sensation. Crafted with a soft silicone head that captures the essence of life-like touch, these sex dolls feature intricately designed facial details, including eyes and l..
As the sex doll industry continues to develop, more and more brands are emerging, offering a wider range of choices to consumers. Recently, a new brand named Top Fire Doll (TFD) has entered the competition. Top Fire sex doll made its debut on the TDF forum, but faced strong backlash after posting A..
Throughout the article, we explain the benefits of having a real doll . Everyone wants the best partner to enjoy love and intimacy. But sometimes, due to their relationship and other physical problems, neither of them can enjoy sex. At that time, the love doll came in handy. They can play ..
Jul 15 , 2021
People's situation of robot sex doll at this stage In recent years, the popularity of realistic sex doll has increased dramatically. In recent memory and mechanical technology, dolls have become more realistic than ever before, and artificial brain power in real dolls is currently..
Think about it before buying a full-size silicone sex doll First of all, how old are you? If you are not old enough to buy magazines and videos, the answer is "No, you should not buy silicone love dolls ." If you are older, the second factor to consider is that you can buy a love..
"We had people last night," says the founder and manager of a place, currently unique in France: a "brothel" of sex dolls. The name: Xdolls. This space of 70 m2 "of pleasure" - at the address held secret - opened its doors on February 1, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Subdued atmosphere, poste..
Will people spend money to buy realistic sex doll and use them for other purposes? At first, this may be as unbelievable as the old saying that people buy magazines "for articles." Honestly, this did happen. Most of the love dolls we sell are for sexual purposes, but some customers hav..
Sex training has been a very difficult topic for a long time. There are few or even fewer physics and online teachers. However, in view of the changes in the case, human beings are actually accepting this topic, and more and more teachers and high levels have signed up for online and sports Sexy tra..
When it comes to dolls, many people think of real die-cast WM dolls made in China. This doll is more common. It used to be inbeautifulable dolls, now there are silicone love dolls and TPE love dolls. The silicone type tpe body of the first-class mold doll is nothing to fuss about, but ..
If you are worried about how to increase the sexual desire of men and women, there are many sex dolls available now. Not only was it sold, but it was also aimed at establishing a relationship between husband and wife that was rekindled after the loss of sexual desire. The cock ring is one of the mos..
Japanese womans are natural in every way. Whether you interact with them or watch them on TV or magazines, you can be sure that they are very unique and beautiful people. Japanese real dolls are popular because of their attractive features. If you like the beauty of Asian women, try Japanese..
A realistic love doll full of loneliness of single men. As a person who heals men not only sexually but also spiritually, it attracts people's attention year after year. Among such lover dolls, the best lover dolls are made by first-class craftsmen. Not only the price is as high as hun..
You don’t have to have abnormally high sexual desires to find yourself in a relationship with someone you don’t match. Many men’s partners have only sexual dysfunction. For most men, this is a very frustrating situation. Many of these men are fully committed to their partners and are struggling with..
The long-awaited sex doll finally got... This is not a cheap purchase. How to take care of your realistic sex doll without damaging the real doll? There are some points in dealing with adult sex dolls, so you need to learn how to take care of them. Here are five tips. 1...
The raw material of the realistic sex doll is non-toxic and tasteless TPE or silica gel. Since silica gel contains silicone oil, it will become oily after being left for a long time, but this is a normal phenomenon, so please wipe or apply talcum powder with a clean towel. If the oil i..
Realistic love doll are no longer just female sex dolls. Because it is a love doll that transcends the concept of a doll and grows into a real woman, it has the cuteness and kindness that will feel when together. Let us feel the cuteness and kindness of such a love doll. Real dolls ha..
I had to consult my genre, and I was tired of doing it manually when masturbating...especially when I couldn't even have sex with the coronavirus, it became more difficult to address sexual needs. Realistic sex doll is recommended at this time. In fact, in addition to pure ..
The different physiological conditions of men and women often lead to different orgasm times between men and women. At this time, it can be used not only as a prelude to gender, but also as an auxiliary device that men want to make in time, so that their sex lives can be synchronized as much as poss..
This step-by-step detailed guide covers everything you need to know about realistic love doll wig care and maintenance. Beautiful wigs are one of the most important parts to make your love doll look as sexy and new as the day it arrived at your door. In this guide, you will learn th..
The realistic sex doll is a kind of adult sex toy that mimics the appearance of a person, made of TPE or silicone. Reality doll is a life-size person forming a fun masturbation device, allowing users to experience fucking fun. In the past, sex dolls were also called inbeautifulable ..
For a great many people, claiming and utilizing a realistic sex doll is a straightforward matter of working on something for sexual joy. There's a ton going on in the background however, and there are a great deal of mental viewpoints at play. Some are basic, and some are substantially..
Due to the development of science and technology, the world is constantly evolving every day. The same is true for OkSexDoll products. In the past, TENGA and air dolls were often used. TENGA is very small and must be delusional when used. After all, an inbeautifulable doll is just a balloon. It feel..
Would you like to take a bath with the realistic sex doll ? For a man who thinks of a life partner who likes a doll, he wants to be with him as much as possible. Of course, the same is true for bathing time. It must be fun to enjoy a relaxing bath time with your beloved Dutch wife! How..
So far, I am very satisfied with my life. This means I have my career. My love life is going well. I had a womanfriend until a few months ago. Now that she has moved, I am alone with the computer and working papers. What I miss most is sex. It's really good for me to meet a woman, but I don't have t..
Standing type is a doll that can stand and is the most popular type of realistic sex doll . Three (very small) metal bolts are installed on the bottom of the standing feet. It looks a bit unsightly, but considering that you can enjoy standing, it’s not a big deal. You can make your rea..
With regard to the advantages and precautions of living with a doll. I want to live with my own good partner or my daughter's realistic sex doll , but I can't get a specific image! Isn't it true? In this article, I will introduce the benefits and precautions of living with Aiwawa...
Buying real love dolls is better than cheap masturbators! Some people say, "The Palace of Love is the same as Nuwa, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy it." Of course, love dolls help masturbate, so this view may not be wrong. However, although masturbation devices can only be used fo..
Adult size sex dolls have different skin colors At present, the skin color of realistic sex doll is the same as the world race, mainly divided into white (Russian, European white), ordinary (Asian yellow), black (African black), but according to customer requirements, there are pi..
The composition material of adult sex dolls First, let's talk about TPE. TPE materials have been developed to replace rubber and latex. It is a synthetic material with high elasticity, high strength, high elasticity and injection molding properties of rubber. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, ..
The real world of realistic sex doll is always conducive to innovation and surprises. This time I saw some very good things in Oksexdoll's new doll category: Laugh on Love Dolls. Take love doll Jenny as an example. Doesn't she look good when she smiles? The special appearan..
In recent years, the number of of about mini doll has been increasing. In addition to being easy to use and cheap, there are many other reasons. In this article, I will introduce the 6 charms of mini love dolls Not only for sex, but also for viewing Because it is a mini size of mi..
Many people may ask, why is there such a big difference in prices between different sellers for the same size of TPE sex doll ? Some cheap dolls can be bought for a few hundred dollars, but there are also expensive lover dolls as high as more than 2,000 dollars. The most important reas..
The high-simulation human doll and TPE sex doll made of silicon material have a metal skeleton. Under normal circumstances, bones are not easy to break, but colloidal skin is fragile. For example, if it exceeds the limits of physical activity and flexibility, it is fragile. TPE is more..
Having sex with a realistic sex doll can be pleasant and emotionally intimate. It is also easy to prevent it from recurring. You can try different postures, genders and special lubricants. You can also change the clothing, wigs, and sometimes the ratio of the love doll. By doing these ..
In recent years, more and more people like realistic sex doll as sexual partners, and love dolls are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, a number of love doll manufacturers were born, and the manufacturing technology has also been improved, making it possible to buy sex dolls..
The appearance of TPE sex doll and airplane cups has brought a lot of experience to male friends, especially for men who live in two places or are single so far. With their help, they seek a lot of physical enjoyment and pleasure. So, is it better to have love dolls or airplan..
They are called Kim, Sofia or Lily ... The first French real sexual doll rental facility opened on February 1st in the 14th district of Paris. To understand why some men like to have intimate relationships with these objects, 20 Minutes interviewed Nathalie Parein, psychologist and sexologist. Why ..
The skin of a realistic sex doll is the same as a human skin, and it is fragile. If it is not properly maintained, it will damage the physical doll. Many customers ask us how to take care of their love dolls, how to keep them clean, or how to repair the dolls to prevent the TPE from be..
The acceptance of sex dolls is gradually increasing Given its initial dark past, the life-size love doll industry has achieved tremendous growth in the recent past. Not only are these dolls considered taboo, but talking about this topic publicly can bring some shame. However, peop..
Oksexdoll Shop offers a wide range of realistic sex doll brands for you to choose from. All the brands on sale are officially authorized and guaranteed to be 100% authentic! Here, from personalized customization to cutting-edge technological innovation, from cost-effective price to high-end quality, we can give you or your lover a warm surprise. Let's explore together!
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