14 Reasons Why Real Sex Dolls are Better Than Girls

Admin 2019-07-03

Have you ever been bored with your girlfriend because of various problems, why not try a sex doll? We will introduce 14 reasons why sex dolls are better than girlfriends.

Visit the First Brothel of Sex Dolls in Paris

Admin 2019-07-04

We had people last night, says the founder and manager of a place, currently unique in France: a brothel of sex dolls. The name: Xdolls.

Sex Doll Is Practical For Those Do Not Want To Confront Reality

Admin 2019-07-04

They are called Kim, Sofia or Lily ... The first French sex doll rental facility opened on February 1st in the 14th district of Paris. To understand why some men like to have intimate relationships with these objects, 20 Minutes interviewed Nathalie Parein, psychologist and sexologist.

First Marriage Between Man With Robot Sex Doll

Admin 2019-07-05

David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, explains why, according to him, more and more people will fall in love with robots sex dolls by 2050.

Is Sleeping with a Sexual Robot Deceiving?

Admin 2019-07-05

In this article, we wonder about the man-machine relationship as smart sex robots are about to knock on the door of our homes...

Chinese Sex Doll Manufacturers Use 3D Printing

Admin 2019-07-15

hina's DS Doll, one of China's top quality doll manufacturers, is using 3D printing to make boudoir-style merchandise parts. The company manufactures 400 custom-made gender robot models each month, and its premium dolls cost as much as $5,000.

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