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Over the years, the realistic sex doll has indeed made considerable progress. Not long ago, both men and women had to use stuffed animals and inbeautifulable toys with poor results. Now things have completely changed. You can now arrange the doll as you like. They can sit in a chair, s..
In the past, realistic sex doll were called adult sex dolls. Dolls made by Germans to satisfy their fetishes. At that time, it just satisfies sexual desire. Nowadays, love dolls are mostly used as adult products for sexual intercourse, but they are also used as carriers for models, lif..
Would you buy a realistic sex doll for 2000 dollars? Many single men will face this problem. Sometimes, they will choose cheap second-hand sex dolls. However, there may be certain risks in using second-hand love dolls. Currently, you can buy cheap sex dolls from the most popular sex do..
The high-simulation human doll and TPE sex doll made of silicon material have a metal skeleton. Under normal circumstances, bones are not easy to break, but colloidal skin is fragile. For example, if it exceeds the limits of physical activity and flexibility, it is fragile. TPE is more..
I had to consult my genre, and I was tired of doing it manually when masturbating...especially when I couldn't even have sex with the coronavirus, it became more difficult to address sexual needs. Realistic sex doll is recommended at this time. In fact, in addition to pure sexual ne..
Some people dream of having sex with realistic sex doll . With a doll, you can enjoy your favorite game with your ideal lover. However, no matter how ideal you are, sex dolls are not cheap. In addition, you should be aware of some shortcomings before buying. This is a collection of ..
Market possibilities of custom sex doll With the consistent development of the realistic sex doll market, it has additionally set off wild rivalry in this market. Notwithstanding increasingly more real doll marks, buyers' prerequisites for these items are continually expanding. Dist..
For those who are considering buying realistic sex doll instead of looking for a womanfriend. do not worry. No problem at all, and you are not alone. I tell you 10 reasons why love dolls are better than real womans. Lover dolls are much cheaper than real womans It costs money..
Many people may ask, why is there such a big difference in prices between different sellers for the same size of TPE sex doll ? Some cheap dolls can be bought for a few hundred dollars, but there are also expensive lover dolls as high as more than 2,000 dollars. The most important reas..
Realistic love doll are no longer just female sex dolls. Because it is a love doll that transcends the concept of a doll and grows into a real woman, it has the cuteness and kindness that will feel when together. Let us feel the cuteness and kindness of such a love doll. Real dolls ha..
Realistic sex doll is made according to customers' preferences. I think it is somewhat different from the actual growth of people, but after welcoming the love doll, how do you choose the most suitable clothes for you? Are less than 150 cm tall small love dolls beautyed sex d..
David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, is adamant. By 2050, not only will individuals fall in love with android robot sex dolls, but marriages between man and machine will be celebrated. While the American company Abyss Creations, specializing in inbeautifulable dolls, is about to release H..
People are increasingly demanding adult sex dolls The more common TPE sex doll may not pay much attention to the appearance design. As long as they are women, they may even make them even more exaggerated. There is nothing special about the various appearances, they only exi..
In recent years, the number of of about 100 cm has been increasing. In addition to being easy to use and cheap, there are many other reasons. In this article, I will introduce the 6 charms of 100cm love dolls Not only for sex, but also for viewing Because it is a small size of 100 cm, it ..
The raw material of the realistic sex doll is non-toxic and tasteless TPE or silica gel. Since silica gel contains silicone oil, it will become oily after being left for a long time, but this is a normal phenomenon, so please wipe or apply talcum powder with a clean towel. If the oil i..
The realistic sex doll have different heights, just like humans. There are sex dolls with realistic human heights, but the ultra-size of about 65 cm is also popular because of its compactness and lightness. I think there are many beginner dolls who are worried about "I want to buy a 16..
When our requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, then some people even hope to achieve a very high orgasm in their sexual life through realistic sex doll . So this also means that real dolls must have more functions, and only in this way can they meet the gr..
In South Korea, it is called Real Doll, which is a bit difficult to explain, so I want you to check it yourself, but in South Korea, it seems that more than 200,000 people have applied to ban the sale of this realistic sex doll . Today, OkSexDoll introduces you to a women’s organizatio..
The real world of realistic sex doll is always conducive to innovation and surprises. This time I saw some very good things in Oksexdoll's new doll category: Laugh on Love Dolls. Take love doll Jenny as an example. Doesn't she look good when she smiles? The special appearance of thi..
The long-awaited sex doll finally got... This is not a cheap purchase. How to take care of your realistic sex doll without damaging the real doll? There are some points in dealing with adult sex dolls, so you need to learn how to take care of them. Here are five tips. 1...
Now you are satisfied with your realistic sex doll , which has been a true asset of your life for a long time. It will never go against your wishes and will always serve you. It's great to snuggle with your real doll, she can help you get rid of your loneliness. So everything you want ..
Today’s realistic sex doll are one of the best ways to relieve stress and relieve anxiety, loneliness and even depression. Biologically speaking, sex and orgasm are one of the core human needs. If meeting these needs cannot meet your needs, it will cause serious harm. We will be here t..
By 2021, adult products will play an increasingly important role. Many people have their own unique hobbies for the existence of realistic sex doll . Among them, for some men, Real dolls are undoubtedly one of their favorites. Such toy real dolls have always been widely favored by men ..
The composition material of adult sex dolls First, let's talk about TPE. TPE materials have been developed to replace rubber and latex. It is a synthetic material with high elasticity, high strength, high elasticity and injection molding properties of rubber. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, ..
You don’t have to have abnormally high sexual desires to find yourself in a relationship with someone you don’t match. Many men’s partners have only sexual dysfunction. For most men, this is a very frustrating situation. Many of these men are fully committed to their partners and are struggling with..
As long as anyone who has used realistic sex doll knows that cleaning of dolls is not so easy, in this case, if we buy some sex dolls that are made of soft silicone, then again How should it be maintained? Especially many people have always been worried, what should I do if the love do..
We often see the existence of silicone sex doll in many people today. Don't be surprised. These real dolls made of soft silicone are indeed very good and can relieve our sexual hunger. As most of the two-component vulcanized silicone rubber is used, it feels very good. Many love dolls ..
"Inbeautifulable Doll Love" mainly tells the story of pure love between an introverted man Ras and a realistic sex doll Bianca. He talked to her and told jokes, as if the inbeautifulable doll was really a real person. Finally get out of your fantasy world and gain happiness. In life..
Adult size sex dolls have different skin colors At present, the skin color of realistic sex doll is the same as the world race, mainly divided into white (Russian, European white), ordinary (Asian yellow), black (African black), but according to customer requirements, there are pi..
A realistic love doll full of loneliness of single men. As a person who heals men not only sexually but also spiritually, it attracts people's attention year after year. Among such lover dolls, the best lover dolls are made by first-class craftsmen. Not only the price is as high as hun..
Oksexdoll Shop offers a wide range of realistic sex doll brands for you to choose from. All the brands on sale are officially authorized and guaranteed to be 100% authentic! Here, from personalized customization to cutting-edge technological innovation, from cost-effective price to high-end quality, we can give you or your lover a warm surprise. Let's explore together!
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