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Various Brands TPE Sex Dolls for Sale

TPE doll

Sexy TPE Large sex doll Briony

$ 1848

best tpe sex doll juliet

Well Dressed best TPE Doll Juliet

$ 1,716

flight attendant TPE sex doll kelly

Flight Attendant Blonde TPE Sex Doll Kelly

$ 1,352

real doll baby iris

Ireland Style Men's real doll baby Iris

$ 999

curly hair tpe sex doll alice

Curly Hair TPE Real Doll Alice

$ 1,426

bodybuilder TPE Real Doll natasha

168cm Cheap Hot Blonde Female Bodybuilder Doll

$ 1,282

Korean TPE sex doll monica

Korean Realistic Curvy Celebrity Doll Monica

$ 1,584

Japanese new sex doll kiko

New Feel Stunner Beautiful TPE Doll Kiko

$ 1,282

cheap Japanese teen sex doll Hinata

Cheap Young Petite TPE love Doll

$ 1,426

170cm sex doll Reina

White Short Hair TPE Doll Reina

$ 1,989

doggy style sex doll

6YE Blue Eyes TPE Doll

$ 1,753

balck TPE doll anya

Black Fat BBW Love Doll Anya

$ 2,225

Alexis Texas doll becky

Alexis Texas Green Shirt Porn Star Doll Becky

$ 1,636

tpe doll for sale

168 cm Sexy TPE Doll Connie for Sale

$ 1,289

TPE adult doll

Silver Hair TPE Adult Doll Faina

$ 1,517

Why should you buy TPE sex dolls?

The price is affordable

As we all know, TPE dolls are cheaper than those composed of the high quality expensive platinum cure silicone. Even more surprising is that the price of all the dolls in our store is lower than that of other stores!

TPE dolls are soft and realistic

Owning to the highly elastic TPE material,sex dolls made of TPE are of high softness, which are more closer to the feel of real skin. This is why our dolls are so real.

TPE love dolls are environmentally friendly

Environmental pollution has been a common problem around the world. Each of us has a responsibility to protect our world. Tpe doll is environmentally friendly. Therefore, in order to alleviate the environmental pollution problem in the world, we recommend you to buy TPE real dolls.

Various brands TPE love dolls

Because the production process of tpe doll is more environmentally friendly than silicone doll. So more and more manufacturers are starting to produce TPE dolls. Such as WM, SY, JYdoll, 6ye dolls. All these manufacturers have a close relationship with us.

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