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All of our in USA stock sex dolls are the manufacturer's warehouse in the country and are 100% brand new. Compared with custom sex dolls, the price of stock dolls is more advantageous. These dolls are all finished products and shipped to your location within 24 hours of your order, and it will take about 3-5 business days to receive. Sex doll prices shown here are final.

However, please note that the dolls stored in the US warehouse can only be sent to the United States, and other countries and regions cannot be shipped. Please check carefully before placing an order.

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Why are In USA Stock Sex Dolls Cheaper Than Customise Sex Dolls?

Many customers are wondering why the price of stock dolls is lower than that of custom dolls? When they are not clear about the situation, many customers easily mistakenly think that the cheap is inferior, the cheap is imitation and so on. But these perceptions are wrong. The truth lies in the cost.

The production cost of realistic sex dolls is fixed, and the difference in selling price is the cost of shipping. Inventory sex dolls are shipped in bulk to U.S. warehouses by sea, and the shipping cost is relatively low. Customized sex dolls are shipped to customers' homes by air, which is very expensive. Therefore, the in-stock sex doll is equivalent to giving the customer the benefit of the saved shipping cost, so the price is cheaper than that of the custom sex doll.

What are The Advantages of Buying SexDolls In USA Stock?

First of all, the stock dolls are finished products that have been made and are already in the US warehouse, so you can directly ship within 24 hours after you place an order. Compared to custom sex dolls, the delivery time is at least 10 days shorter. Such a fast delivery service avoids the suffering of long waits.

Second, the price of real dolls in USA stock is relatively cheap. Why not buy cheap sex dolls of the same quality at a lower price? It can save you more than 20% of the cost, which is very important. If you have any questions about the love dolls in USA stock, you can also contact us by email.