High End AI Robot Sex Doll For Sale

Our robot sex dolls are divided into 2 types, one is a mechanical robot sex doll, and the other is an AI robot sex doll. The first is a blowjob robot sex doll whose mechanical movements are handy for giving you oral sex. AI sex dolls can program some of the robot's content through a background management system, interact with you during sex, and the robot can talk, flirt, or stimulate emotions, whatever you want. These two types of premium sex dolls are essentially different from ordinary sex dolls and belong to high-end sex dolls.

Sex Robot Video List

Electric Hip Robot Sex Doll

When powered on, it twists the hips and makes movements that cater to your sex.

Blowjob Sex Doll

Robotic sex doll for blowjobs that lets you enjoy her sucking while standing.

Robot Sex Doll Aki

Able to communicate in simple conversations and make some simple actions.

Robot Sex Dolls Cici

Smiley, blinking, head-turning, lifelike sex robot.

Robot Sex Dolls Lina

Advanced sex robot doll, and artificial intelligence dialogue function.

Robot Sex Dolls Vivian

Rich facial expressions: moan, smile, wink, blink, turn head, etc.

What can Sex Robots Do?

T4.0 Version Sex Robot

This version of the sex robot has rich facial expressions, with facial movements such as calling the bed, smiling, blinking, turning her eyes, turning her head, etc. There will be 7 parts on her body to touch the pronunciation (English): chest (left/right) + Both sides of the thighs (left/right) + both sides of the arms (left/right) + vagina, the body can also be intelligently heated to maintain its body temperature at 36~38.5 degrees Celsius. No need to connect to the Internet, it can be used after power on, the operation is simple, and the functions are practical. There are two holes to choose from: vagina, anus, and the robot's mouth is equipped with a mechanism that moves the lips when speaking, so the robot can't perform oral sex.

AI Conversation

Background Management System - This will help you to program some of the robot's content which could interact with you during sex. So the sex dolls may speak, flirt, or stimulate the sexual mood, anything you would want.

And you can teach the robot to say things or remember things. The more you interact with the robot, the smarter the sex robot is going to be. The more time you spend with it, the more it recognizes you and understands you.

Touch Sensors - AI sex robots also have sensors in their hands, their genitals, their heads, and their breasts. It helps the robot to' feel' when you touch it.

Heating System – It will simulate human temperature – will feel warm to the touch.

They Are New Technology AI Sex Dolls

We all know that traditional sex dolls can't talk, smile and even blink. With the development of technology, people are no longer satisfied with ordinary adult dolls, but are looking for smarter ex robot. They are the product of the perfect combination of high technology and humanity. From now on, people can enjoy the joys of ai sex doll.

Robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale

Are you looking for a robotic companion who can chat? Well, you really are a funny person, they can do anything with you when you are alone, such as talking, blinking, these movements are all impossible for ordinary realistic love dolls. Of course, their main mission is to meet people’s sexual needs, I am only joking. How to use the sex doll is of course your own decision.