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Tilda 158cm TPE OkSexDoll Dolls E-cup Real Robot Sex Doll




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OkSexDoll is a professional sex doll manufacturer. In order to make all men can afford their beloved dolls, it has been committed to producing high-quality and low-cost TPE sex dolls. The doll shape is designed to meet the aesthetic standards of European and American men, so it is very popular in the European and American markets.

Package List

Doll x1 | Blanket x1 | Gloves x1 | Wigs x1 | Combs x1

Doll clothes x1 | Cleaning tool x1 | Heating rod x1

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Product Option
Official Brand:

Special Lucky Bag

Special offer

Electric Hip Function

Areola Color

Eyes Color

Areola Color

Breast Options

Gel-filled breasts option is only available for dolls with the cup size C - F.Gel-filled ,Heated and Respiratory Functions cannot coexist.


Labia Color

Pubic Hair

Lip Color


Shoulder Joint

Fingernail Color

Toenail Color

Wig Style

Shipping Method:UPS / DHL


$1,579.00 $ 1,099.00 1099.00

Real Doll Sex Robot Videos

Externally Powered Sex Robot

1.Power adapter: power input voltage 100V—240V, output voltage/current 24V/3A
2. Certification standard: power supply CE

Built-in Power Robot Sex Doll

1.Battery voltage: working voltage 22.2V, no-load voltage 24V.
2. Charge and discharge: 280-300 weeks.
3. Charging time: fast charge 1.5h.
4.Usage time: Fully charged single electric hip robot doll can work continuously for 5h.


When using the electric hip robot doll, it must be used interactively on a soft bed to avoid sharp or hard objects touching the skin. Please adjust the interactive posture before interacting with the electric hip robot doll. It is forbidden for the electric hip robot doll to forcefully adjust the posture or turn over when it is working and playing interactive games. When adjusting the posture and posture, turn off the switch or cut off the power supply. If you use the interactive game continuously for more than two hours, please let the electric hip robot doll rest intermittently for 10-30 minutes. For the charging configuration version, please charge it in time after 3-4 hours of continuous use to avoid reducing the battery life. Please clean, powder and maintain the whole body of the electric hip robot doll in time after each interaction is over.

Product Details
Tilda is come from America, she is a Young Woman real doll.
Material Made of Medical Grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Brand OkSexDoll
Year of Use 5 To 10 Years
Softness Very Soft And Skin-friendly
Commodity Use For sexual Intercourse | For Viewing | For Photography

Doll Parameters

Manual Measurement, The Error Will Be About 1cm
Height 158CM Weight 32KG Breast E Cup
Upper Bust 87CM Hips 87CM Waistline 50CM
Vaginal Depth 18CM Anal Depth 17CM Oral Depth 13CM
① Vaginal Cleaner x1
② Special Gloves x1
③ Wig x1
④ Vaginal Heater x1
⑤ Wig Comb x1
⑥ Underwear x1
【Standard Function】
・ Oral is Possible・Line of Sight Is Movable・Knuckle
【Sexual Intercourse Mode】
・Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
【Custom Function】
・ You can freely customize and order makeup, skin color, options, etc.
「Private Custom」
・If you want to customize your real doll according to your own requirements, please click on the email below to contact us!

Instructions On Buying Blonde Sex Dolls

The relationship between robot sex dolls and humans is being altered through the development of increasingly sophisticated physical dolls. More and more sex doll makers are making familiar sex robots with soft, tactile, recognizable voices, with a certain level of feedback, designed to form social and emotional bonds, so we There should also be emotion when dealing with robotic sex dolls.

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