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High quality male dolls for women

Why are male sex dolls become popular?

When a sex doll is mentioned, many people may think that this is a sex toy used by men. In fact, many women also have sexual desire.In addition, some gay men also want to have a sexual partner of their own. If their partners are not around, why can't they also consider a male doll?

How to use a male doll?

When we need to use it, then we need to use disinfectant with alcohol content of more than 95% alcohol to help us disinfect the dust or bacteria inside, then we put a condom on the male doll's penis,then put it in.After the male doll is used up, we must clean it up, then put it in a cool place to let it dry, never put it under the sun, or close to some fire source.

Realistic life size sex dolls with real dildo for women & gaymen

A male masturbator doll is made of high-quality TPE, or imported soft silicone. It does not seem to have any difference from real people. Even the weight is made by the weight of the model. Nowadays, the sex dolls are very different from the previous ones. For example, they are basically made of materials that use artificial skin, because it is also widely used, and it still has excellent coloring advantages. We also make doll makeup a more important thing. Many real dolls have a lot of functions, so what are some of these features? In general, it is made of a new alloy skeleton, which can enhance the life of the real doll and enhance its wear resistance.

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