Doll House168 EVO Enhanced Version of Skeleton Sex Dolls

Dollhouse 168 brand is made of TPE material, which has the advantages of best raw material, light weight (lighter than the original pure TPE), strong permeability, odorless, low oil production rate, good touch and so on. The skeleton will be the latest EVO type. You can also pose with frozen shoulders or sitting up straight. In addition, the joint part of the head is not a bolt type, but a push type. Dollhouse 168's sex dolls wigs are tailored to suit different types of Valentine's Day, with more advanced and versatile personalities available depending on the character's personality. Vagina, anus and endoskeleton (sealing) are completely isolated, hygienic, rust-proof and safe. The hollow molding technology is more advanced, the space is more reasonable, there is no second-class gap, and the hand feel is more realistic and light.

About Doll House168 Brand

Doll House168 sex dolls are made of tpe material with sebs base, or platinum silicone, and are of pharmaceutical grade. The silicone sex dolls feels close to the softness of a real person, and has a third-generation skeleton inside, which can be controlled by dolls in general poses. The realistic facial lines, texture details and penis make you feel physically and mentally happy.

The doll of Doll House168 real doll adopts a unified interface, and each head carving, body and penis can be mixed and matched, bringing you different fun and experience. All accessories upgraded later can be purchased and connected by old users. You can also customize the hair, skin color, whether to stand for a long time, whether with heating function, etc. for some dolls.

Overview of Doll House168

Pursue ideals and constantly surpass

The early Doll House168 business project was to represent some Chinese brands of real dolls. By 2015, they decided to build on the experience accumulated by the dolls for many years and transform into a manufacturer of TPE sex doll.

Create a goddess and stick to originality

In the prototype design, they insisted on going out of their own style, adhering to the pursuit of beauty and sex, in order to create the goddess of the man's heart. At the same time, Doll House 168 continues to improve the formula of the material, hoping that the doll can give customers a closer touch of real people. In addition, they also have many breakthroughs in the design of the skeleton, so their dolls can be more vivid and close to the real person.

Product marketing is the best quality proof in the world

Since 2016, many real-life doll agents in Europe, America and Asia have become partners of Doll House 168. Now there are Doll House 168 tracks all over the world. Their TPE real dolls are well received by customers all over the world. Praise and affirmation. Their service and their dedication to quality are obvious to all. They believe that the customer's reputation is the best and most authentic advertisement.

Playing is not just a doll, but also a heartbeat. The ultimate idea of Doll House168 is to become a promoter of the doll culture. I hope more people can understand that a real doll is more than just a sex toy. They believe that the doll can not only give physical satisfaction, but also bring spiritual pleasure to the customers.

Doll House168, these guys use the enhanced EVO skeleton to make more durable sex dolls, which must be the best reason to buy these real sex dolls.

All Advantages of Dollhouse 168

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