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Normal Breast Middle Size Boobs Female Love Doll

Gina 168cm medium breast sex doll
Virgin Real Live Colorful Hair C Cup Doll Gina
Laura 165m middle size boobs sex doll
34D Cup Mature New York Wife Sex Doll Laura
Carina 145cm medium boobs sex doll
D Cup Blonde Hair Latina Sex Doll Carina
Kiko 158cm medium boobs sex doll
New Feel Stunner Beautiful Japanese Love Doll Kiko

What is a medium boobs sex doll?

The D cup is the bust size that men like best. The ideal bust size is said to be “medium breasts sex doll”. At that time, it firmly emphasizes the cleavage and appeals beautiful breasts. There are many men who say that it is not too big, not too small, and is just the right size.

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