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What is A Medium Boobs Sex Doll?

We know that breasts are the sexiest part of women, and their size directly affects women's sexiness in men's minds. So which cup is the medium breast exactly? Medium breasts sex dolls usually have C cups or D cups. You may think that C cups and D cups are considered big breasts in real women, but in the world of sex dolls, they can only be regarded as medium tits.

The D cup sex doll is the bust size that men like best. The ideal bust size is said to be “medium breasts sex doll”. At that time, it firmly emphasizes the cleavage and appeals beautiful breasts. There are many men who say that it is not too big, not too small, and is just the right size.


What Are The Benefits of Looking At Real Dolls With Medium Tits?

The New England Journal of Medicine and Weekly World News have stated that men staring at women's breasts can prolong their lives by years. Looking at women's breasts every day will excite you, promote blood circulation, and make your heart beat more healthily. And medium tits sex dolls can not only let you appreciate the tall and straight breasts, but also have sex at any time. It allows you to have a healthy sex life.