Lifelike Piper Sex Doll for Sale

The Piper Doll line of sex dolls are seamless head models with no head-to-body boundaries. The ultimate reality is achieved, unlike traditional TPE dolls that have to use various accessories to hide the border between head and body. The material used is platinum TPE or silicone, which has excellent flexibility and durability, and has low odor. The material of the Piper doll is the highest quality TPE, it looks and feels much more realistic than regular live dolls. With a new skeleton called EVO skeleton, you can enjoy a variety of poses with an extremely wide range of motion compared to normal skeletons. Accessories such as wigs and clothing designed specifically for Piper dolls fit the doll perfectly. From the moment you open the package, you can enjoy the perfect beauty doll.

About The Piper Love Doll

Lifelike Piper Sex Dolls is a relatively new and very unique brand of sex dolls. The main difference between Piper real doll and other TPE sex doll brands is the continuous connection between the body and head of the sex doll. For most other sex doll brands, the head and body are two separate parts. After the doll arrives, the customer will attach the head to the body. This is usually done by screwing it in or using some other fastening mechanism. Unfortunately, this sometimes affects the realism of the sex doll because of the connection between the head and the body. If you're buying a Piper sex doll, no problem!

Piper dolls also offer a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is especially evident when examining the details of her dolls, such as hands, feet, and private areas.

These sex dolls are made from platinum silicone, one of the softest, most realistic materials you can use to make silicone sex dolls. The material, while soft, is very stretchy and durable, resistant to damage but feels realistic to the touch. This significantly reduces odor and makes the material less greasy compared to regular TPE.

The sex doll's Evo skeleton is made of metal and can mimic most human movements. Your sex doll can take on a variety of sexual positions.

OkSexDoll is The Authorized Agent of 30 Sex Doll Brands

We are a professional sex doll seller, and currently we are the agent of 30 sex doll manufacturers, including famous anime sex doll brands: MOZU Doll, Aotume Doll, ElsaBabe Doll, IROKEBIJIN Doll. The dolls they produce are all in the shape of anime little girls, and there are also female characters from well-known anime, which are cute and sexy, and are very popular.

The brands dedicated to the production of silicone sex dolls are: ZELEX Doll, Irontech Doll, ElsaBabe Doll, FJ Doll, Sanhui Doll, Futuregirl Doll, XYCOLO Doll,WAX Doll, Piper Doll. They are all manufacturers of cheap silicone dolls, and the dolls produced are cost-effective.

The most well-known TPE sex doll manufacturer in the country is WM Doll. The brands that also produce TPE love dolls are: SE Doll, 6YE Doll, AXB Doll,HR Doll,MOZU Doll, Fire Doll, JY Doll, Qita Doll, Doll Forever, Doll House168, DH Doll, YL Doll. TPE real dolls have a body and head with the softness of human skin, enhancing your fantasy sex experience.

There are also sex doll manufacturers that produce silicone heads and TPE bodies: DL Doll, Bezlya Doll, XY Doll, FU Doll. The sex dolls produced by these sex doll brands combine the advantages of silicone and TPE, and are real dolls with relatively high cost performance.

In addition, there is a sex doll manufacturer specializing in sex robots: AI-Tech Doll, these love dolls are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that allows him to interact, speak (English only), react and present all human facial expressions.