Zelex Doll is a famous sex doll maker with over 10 years of experience in making live dolls. All silicone dolls have portraits ranging from beautiful women to normal women and mature women. A manufacturer focused on the development of refined, expressive, lifelike dolls focused on all silicone sex dolls.

Why Are ZELEX Sex Dolls Growing In Popularity?

Let your imagination run wild and discover without delay our prestigious collection, which is entirely moulded in platinum silicone. The ZELEX Doll brand produces high-quality lifelike dolls and was founded in 2013, the high-energy experience here showcases ultra-realistic love dolls molded in silicone. We scan human data and perform 3D models based on real women's bodies and faces. Everything is meticulously sculpted to give the doll an almost human appearance. The silicone used in the doll is soft and stretchy, and we have injected softer material into the chest, thighs and buttocks for an immersive, near-real sensuality.

It is worth noting that silicone dolls usually use hard silicone tips that cannot open their mouths to keep the possibility of hair transplants open. There are only two channels, vagina and anus.