Featured Sex Doll Torso Cheap Half-length Real Doll

Half body sex doll torso is a cheaper sex toy. The main types are: sex doll torso, sex doll ass, electric sex doll torso. Their holes are simulated real vaginas, allowing you to get as much as possible the same feeling as real intercourse. At the same time, they are smaller, lighter, and easier to carry and store than full-size sex dolls. On a limited budget, these cheap half body dolls will be your best option.

What Is A Torso Sex Doll?

Torso sex dolls generally include sex dolls without limbs, upper body sex dolls, lower body sex dolls, and sex dolls without heads, hands and feet. They vary in height and weight. Most torso sex dolls are less than a hundred centimeters long and weigh between 5-20 kilograms. There are specific body parts that each torso is missing. Some are just a butt and vagina, while others may consist of legs, chest or even a head.

Half Body Sex Dolls Are Very Compact Sex Toys

If you are troubled by the storage of human sex dolls, or move your doll frequently, our compact butt and torso sex dolls are the ultimate choice and provide you with the perfect solution. They are also very suitable for men and women with specific tastes, who are only interested in a specific part of the love doll's body. After all, if you are only interested in her ass, why buy a full-size real doll?