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Introduction to WM Doll

WM is a sex doll manufacturer located in Guangdong Province, China. Its TPE materials are all imported from abroad, and the materials are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. WM's production process is unique and advanced, and the baby's skin is smooth and full of elasticity. From material procurement to production and product testing, WM is strictly controlled. All the dolls produced by WM are ahead of other doll manufacturers in the industry.

Is the wm doll suitable for me?

WM dolls are more expensive, so the price is more expensive. They are usually over 2000 USD. If you like expensive sex dolls, then WM will be your best choice.

silver hair sex doll venus
Silver Curly Hair Beauty Sex Doll Venus
$2,237.00 $2,479.00
b cup sex doll
WM Latest Adult Doll Celebrity Adele
$1,565.00 $1,789.00
blonde sexy kitty real doll Catherine
161cm Blonde Sexy Katie Real Lifelike Doll
$2,037.00 $2,259.00
big booty sex doll claire
H Cup WM Sexy Rear Entry Bubble Butt Doll
$2,169.00 $3,099.00
18-year-old japanese real doll natsumi
Sweety 18 Years Old Japanese Doll Natsumi
$2,320.00 $2,499.00
puffy nipple sex doll Hatsumomo
Amazing Puffy Nipple Japanese Real Doll
$2,084.00 $2,299.00
double ponytail doll Atsuko
Double Ponytail Japanese Love Doll Atsuko
$2,131.00 $2,269.00
H cup sex doll stella
163cm H Cup WM Real Doll Stella
$2,226.00 $2,479.00
Pink nipple teen love doll emily images
163cm Pink Nipple Blonde Plait Teen Love Doll Emily
$2,226.00 $2,329.00
Japanese sexy erotic doll mika
White Sexy Underwear Japanese Erotic Dolls Mika
$2,226.00 $2,499.00
156cm Perfect girlfriend sex doll Emica
156cm Emica Lively Sling Doll Your Perfect Girlfriend
$2,131.00 $2,218.00
short skirt sex doll rose
150cm Silver Short Skirt Sexy Lady Love Doll Rose
$2,131.00 $2,299.00
pink cute japanese sex doll Hanako
161cm Cute Pink Underwear Real Love Doll
$2,226.00 $2,499.00
closed eyes realistic doll Masumi
163cm Emotional Closed Eyes Realistic Doll Masumi
$2,226.00 $2,499.00
168cm Blonde sex doll Phoenix
Charming Brown Hair TPE Sex Doll In Shower Phoenix
$2,273.00 $2,349.00
150cm brown hair sex doll taylor
150cm Brown Short Hair Sexy Wife TPE Doll Taylor
$1,353.00 $1,439.00
161cm fairy sex doll sakura
Short Hair Sexy Fairy Lady 161cm Adult Doll Sakura
$2,226.00 $2,459.00
Grace Babe sex doll ella
168cm Graceful Big Eyes Real Doll Babe Ella
$2,273.00 $2,399.00

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