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4.54lb Ass Torso Sex Doll Dual Channel

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Price: $116.00 $199.80

Story about Torso Sex Doll

With the popularity of adult sex dolls, sex doll torsos have also become popular in 2021. Most of them have the appearance of beautiful realistic sex doll, and can also solve people's sexual needs, which is also a reason for the popularity of lifelike sex doll torsos. Because this sex doll torso is not only small and suitable for carrying, but also more flexible joints, they are closer to the size of the real person than the 145cm sex dolls, more suitable for sex, and the appearance of the real sex doll is certainly more realistic.

How To Take Care Of Fucking A Sex Doll

* Use water-based lubricant during sex

* Clean vagina and anal pits with irrigation tools and bottling bottles

* Avoid clothes that contain non-color-resistant clothes and ink

* Use a pillow or cushion in a specific position to support the sex doll

* Avoid direct sunlight and odors and store in a cool and dry place

* Clean your body regularly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water

* Wash the wig separately using mild shampoo and conditioner

* Use face cloth to clean the head separately and do not submerge the head completely

* Sprinkle talcum powder on the skin to dry it thoroughly and keep it soft

* Dry your real sex doll with a towel. Avoid using a hair dryer as these can cause damage

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