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Visit the First Brothel of Sex Dolls in Paris

"We had people last night," says the founder and manager of a place, currently unique in France: a "brothel" of sex dolls. The name: Xdolls. This space of 70 m2 "of pleasure" - at the address held secret - opened its doors on February 1, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Subdued atmosphere, posters of silicone buttocks, potted plants and frozen dolls ... 20 Minutes went around the owner.

"Titillate the spirit"

Dolls of pleasure, dolls without sound. They are called Kim, Sofia and Lily. Each in their room - or rather "play space", says Joaquim Lousquy -, they are the joy of many customers, ready to pay 89 euros for one hour and 120 euros in couples. Every doll has its style, its measurements. "Kim - Latin - 1m53 - 38 kilos. Brown green-eyed, I have fleshy lips, and forms very ... very ... generous, "reads on the site, which allows to reserve a slot with the doll. This concept, which is all the rage in Japan, has sprouted six months ago in the mind of this entrepreneur, more passionate about "new technologies than ass".

What types of profiles do these men have?

"I came across a press article that tickled my mind," explains Joaquim Lousquy, an electronic cigarette in his hand, his previous business. After a visit to Spain and Germany - where these establishments already exist - the 28-year-old decided to set up the concept in France.

most realistic sex doll

After "galleys" of banks and insurance, the project finally sees the day. "Everything is a little complicated in this area but we managed to do something square, clean and legal. On this last point, Joaquim Lousquy is clear. "We rent toys. No more no less. We're talking about a skeleton of metal, with silicone on top, "he sliced. A virtual reality option to immerse yourself even more, is also proposed. For which clientele?

Wearing the hood

I was expecting to receive unsavory, violent, strange, perverse, sadistic people. But not at all, I get people very well, between 30 and 50 years, CSP + who want to discover a new practice, a new sexual experience, "he explains. Couples also come to Xdolls. Joaquim welcomes everyone, from the age of 18 and when people respect the rules. Beside the beds, the equipment is carefully aligned: Capotes (mandatory port), lubricant, sextoy and paper towels. Here, we do not laugh with hygiene. Joaquim wants the house to be clean and the guests feel good.

Between each passage, the doll is cleaned (just like "the play space") with a very precise protocol. First with soap, then with disinfectants, inside and out. Then, it is sprayed with another bactericidal and fungicidal solution. Finally, she talcates, prepared and ready for a new use.

"It is very likely that we are bothered"

In the coming months, male dolls will arrive in Xdolls play spaces. Joaquim believes in the sector. It will open six other establishments of this type in France. Especially in Brittany, in Savoie, in the South and the North. "We will square France," he says between provocative and lucidity. "I do not know what to expect, but it is very likely that we are bothered: perhaps a raid of police to control, an outcry from the town hall and associations. It's the game, he smiles and you need it for everyone. "

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