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Ways To Keep TPE Sex Doll Alive

Regular oils are one of the most important aspects of doll care. To keep your sex dolls skin soft and supple, try using liquid paraffin. This highly refined mineral oil is widely used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. You can also use baby powder (talcum powder), which tastes better. However, you should avoid cornstarch as it can contaminate your TPE doll.

hot sex doll

When cleaning TPE sex doll , it is best to use water-based soaps. Do not wash with hot water. Use warm water instead. Then use a toy/doll cleaner. Always test your product for compatibility with thermoplastic elastomers. You can also use a heating rod to soften any material openings. If using a heating rod, make sure to insert it into the doll's leg first. It's best to leave it on for two to three minutes.

To avoid soiling your doll, store it on a soft, stain-free surface. Some of the best storage materials are foam mattresses and fluffy blankets. If you're looking for a softer surface, buy a memory foam mattress with chest and hip holes. You can even get granular TPE dolls. The key is to find a supplier who can make your TPE doll defect free. Beware of scam sites!

TPE dolls are made of thermoset stimulant base material. This makes the sex doll more resistant to heat-induced fights. Silicone sex doll can be washed with warm water without worrying about getting dirty. The TPE material is also less sensitive to heat-related deformation, making it safer for high quality. You can also wash the TPE doll with warm water if necessary. These are expensive, so you need to make sure you're willing to pay for them.

You can use silicone or TPE to make your TPE doll more realistic and realistic. Both materials are cheaper and can take a TPE doll. They are also great for making sex dolls and can also be reused. You can buy them from any reputable retailer or online. This will ensure that you can enjoy your new TPE doll for years to come. The only way to get it is to keep it clean.

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