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4 Ways To Throw Away Love Dolls And 4 Reasons To Deal With Real Dolls

Ever wondered what to do if your female sex doll gets old? Do you know how to handle your beautiful doll correctly? At present, the service life of high-quality TPE and silicone dolls is several years. Of course, this is related to your maintenance and use. Since buying a real sex doll, I have had a romantic and interesting time, but as time goes by, after experiencing sex, it is not as fresh as before. Sometimes you will have to deal with it and buy a new love doll for various reasons. So, if you don't want to use her anymore, or you want to buy her a new real doll, you need to consider how to deal with her. The processing method of Oksexdoll is shown in the figure below for your reference.

sexy realistic sex dolls

Reasons for dealing with sex dolls

1. The body and makeup are damaged and cannot be repaired.

2. If you don't like the old one as the new one, you want to buy a new love doll and replace it.

3. Find true partners. You don't need a Dutch wife anymore.

4. Get old and reach the life cycle of a sex doll.

Some common methods of sex doll disposal

How to throw away your love doll depends entirely on its status quo. Choose the treatment that best suits her appearance.

1. Sell on the second-hand market

If your sex doll is in good condition, you can consider selling it to other users who need second-hand dolls. Of course, this may not be the best choice for everyone. Because some people find it a little weird and even disgusting. There is a ready-made second-hand market where you can sell second-hand real dolls, or you can bring some cash to buy new lover dolls. You can search online for people looking for second-hand real dolls and contact them to close a deal. You can also create an account in the forum to create a topic about selling second-hand true love dolls. The post must include a description and photo of the doll. You can then contact potential buyers to discuss sales details. Now, it is important to note that Dutch wives need to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried before they are sold out. This is because it can be harmful, especially when spreading infections between users. For example, TPE sex doll are highly porous and should be handled with care before selling to others. This is why sex dolls are only sold to people you know and trust.

cheap Solid sex dolls

2. Provide recycling to the store where you purchased

Silicone dolls are made of durable materials that are difficult to process and go through very complicated steps to make them strong and durable. The best option is to consider selling it back to the manufacturer for recycling. Many online retailers provide recycling services, and they are willing to pay a high price for this. It is cleaned, ground, melted and remade into a material made of TPE or silica gel. It can also be a brand new true love doll, allowing the material to be reused and providing enough for other people to purchase. Search online for the company or factory where you bought the old doll and send it to your recycling service provider.

3. Donate to the Art Exhibition Center

Today, many art centers use love dolls as models instead of real people when displaying clothing and other objects. If there is such an organization nearby, please try to donate.

4. Put in the trash can

This is the most convenient and easiest way to handle your silicone sex doll effortlessly. However, keep in mind that this is the least efficient and environmentally friendly way to handle dolls. Therefore, this kind of situation is rare, but it also happens from time to time. If you really choose to do this, don't forget to divide it into many different parts, put it in the trash can/trash can, and take it back to the city's garbage collector. Include the comment, "Sorry, don't be afraid. This is just a true love doll." Wrap it properly and use an opaque bag to prevent accidents.

When you first start buying anime sex doll , you may not consider dealing with love dolls. However, this point should be paid attention to, especially the doll. Environmental protection is a good thing, so this may result in recycling it from the manufacturer you originally purchased.

Therefore, I think the above four disposal methods are the best choices, and you can choose the simple and easy method from them.

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