July 16, 2021

Want to buy silicone dolls?

Think about it before buying a full-size silicone sex doll

First of all, how old are you? If you are not old enough to buy erotic magazines and videos, the answer is "No, you should not buy silicone love dolls."

If you are older, the second factor to consider is that you can buy a love doll for several thousand dollars. But if you buy a full-body silicone sex doll for sex, you have to consider your health. If you are looking for a spiritual partner, then it is recommended that you buy one and choose a real silicone doll with the look, height and body you like.

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Things to consider for silicone sex dolls

Why do you want a true love doll? A realistic sex doll usually helps release someone’s tension. If you have just ended your sex life or relationship, please remember it. Remember, real dolls are not real women. Of course, if you find her one day, you can deposit or sell your love doll. It is not advisable to be cunning. Don't hide your new girlfriend from her. No one likes to be fooled, which may destroy your relationship with a living girl.

Have you repaired your adult love doll? They are "perfect" in nature, but they are not perfect solutions that are provided for free. Needless to say. Clean her after use (don't push her under the bed or she will get hurt), tidy her hair, make-up, put down her eyelashes and her fingers/toes, please change her nails. The statement is still in progress.