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As the sex doll industry continues to develop, more and more brands are emerging, offering a wider range of choices to consumers. Recently, a new brand named Top Fire Doll (TFD) has entered the competition. Top Fire sex doll made its debut on the TDF forum, but faced strong backlash after posting A..
The use of sex dolls has become increasingly normalized and accepted in recent years, with advancements in technology making them more realistic and versatile. One question that often arises is whether straight men can use male sex dolls. The answer is yes, and this article explores the various reas..
Jinsan, a renowned name in the adult toy industry, has recently introduced a new brand called AngelKiss Doll. This strategic move aims to distinguish their TPE and silicone dolls by assigning them to different brands. From now on, TPE dolls will be under the WM Doll brand, while the exquisite silico..
With the growing acceptance and popularity of sex dolls, many people are exploring different avenues for purchasing them. Amazon, a leading e-commerce platform, offers a wide range of products, including sex dolls. But is it fine to buy sex dolls from Amazon? This article will explore the pros and c..
When it comes to the ownership of love dolls by adolescents, various legal considerations must be taken into account. While laws regarding the possession of sex dolls vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, there are some common principles and factors to consider. Legal Age of Consent In many co..
In recent years, silicone sex dolls have experienced a surge in popularity, becoming increasingly sought after by individuals seeking companionship, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment. Several factors contribute to the growing appeal of these lifelike companions. Realism and Authenticity Silicone se..
Aug 18 , 2023
If you're looking for really good quality sex dolls with a different body than these top models, you might be interested in the new BBW sex dolls . These beautiful ladies have real proportions of womans with wide waist and big ass. Female body size appears to be an i..
When women are driving or alone, I will buy male dolls to improve safety. Not only did women find these great realistic sex doll on the bed, but the proportion of men buying sex dolls has grown at an alarming rate, and some people have successfully found good partners. Here are some..
Which material is the most authentic? Life-size realistic sex dolls are made of expensive materials. It takes 6 to 8 hours to make a facial model from injecting liquid silicone to curing. Handling is complicated. People are not perfect. Everyone's expectations of a life partner will..
They don't get along with the opposite sex and feel uncomfortable on dates. Separation, divorce, or the loss of a partner may also be a reason to buy a realistic sex doll . So, are we disturbing people, or have we forgotten how to get along with people? More and more people admit that ..
In 2019,the number of single people become larger. According to the data, singles may cause a person to have personality problems, they become unwilling to communicate with others, and in the long run, they may lose the desire to love. Many people asked me if they have something worth doing when the..
Now the whole world is changing, so the impression of personal thoughts is also changing. On this basis and constantly developing are realistic sex doll made of heavy latex. If you are one of those who try new things, you can get an adult doll and the best quality silicone doll. This i..
Sex training has been a very difficult topic for a long time. There are few or even fewer physics and online teachers. However, in view of the changes in the case, human beings are actually accepting this topic, and more and more teachers and high levels have signed up for online and sports Sexy tra..
Ever wondered what to do if your female sex doll gets old? Do you know how to handle your beautiful doll correctly? At present, the service life of high-quality TPE and silicone dolls is several years. Of course, this is related to your maintenance and use. Since buying a real sex doll..
Surreal anime sex dolls are different from regular dolls. Their prototypes are made from animation or imagination. She has many differences and hopes to be liked by more people. Dragon Ball's tough cyborgs have boundless stamina and vitality. She can be a bit intimidating, but I'm s..
We will introduce how sex works to clarify some of the questions we received about doll customization. We have gone through the basic steps of making dolls and sex toys. The basic steps Initial design We will start with some basic information. Overall size, chest size or any other size. A..
We encourage everyone to bring joy to their lives as much as possible, and sex toys are a good way to achieve this goal. But buying your first character toy feels like a scary process. Sex toys are an important supplement to everyone's sexual life. Don't think it can only be used for single sex. ..
The skin texture of these realistic sex doll is close to that of the human body and feels good in the hand. In addition, it has no odor, is not easy to deform, and is not easy to tear, so you can use it with confidence. The head is rotatable, the joints are high quality, and there is a..
The high quality looked like a sexyage lover doll. He has a calm and gentleness that beautiful women don't have. The figure is really comfortable to hold, and the feeling of satisfaction is not a hunchback! You can enjoy not only vaginal and anal sex, but also oral sex, so being able to enjoy beauti..
The penis is the most anxious part of a man's body. For its own benefit, it is often too excited. It can behave in a good way when you are down, and it will withdraw from duty when you need it most. As far as the source of happiness is concerned, it can be frustrating. You may never be able to pr..
Sex dolls also play sci-fi style, tailor-made "Avatar" female characters It's really hard to tell about taste! Many people place their fantasy on realistic sex doll . The products are becoming more realistic and full-featured. When the "soul mate" can be tailor-made, you can play sc..
Uma Puma says he owns a sex doll in Japan - even though he's fully aware she's not a real person, his presence is something therapeutic and makes him happy. "It's like a man who has a wife and kids at home, you know, I have, I have someone at home." Puma Uma told him that the days he spent with Mari..
I don't know if you have seen the movie "Lars and the Real woman". If I remember correctly, the Chinese movie name should be "Inbeautifulable Doll Love". Seeing the article I want to share with you today, I immediately remembered this movie that made me feel a little touched. As an assignment, if yo..
Why should you choose a real sex doll? Real sex dolls have become popular in recent years. Have you ever been bored with your womanfriend because of various problems, why not try a sex doll? We will introduce 14 reasons why sex dolls are better than womanfriends. Hot and beautiful beautiful womans ..
According to reports: In fucking a sex doll online store, sex dolls sold more than 500 a day (a total of 1800 monthly transactions), in the early hours of the morning, the store sold 50, almost one minute to sell one. The volume of transactions in the evening increased particularly sharply. ..
Dec 28 , 2021
Many years ago, Japan had the first sex doll brothel. After that, various countries appeared in adult doll brothels one after another. You need to pay to use these dolls, but in fact, go to a brothel to invest, buy a lifelike sex dolls , and own your own sex doll. We are a professional..
To assume that all people have the same potential to find someone to fall in love with, establish a relationship and start a family, is a mistake that many often make. There are plenty of tastes and preferences, so it is often not so simple to satisfy certain lonely hearts that because of shyness, b..
They are called Kim, Sofia or Lily ... The first French real sexual doll rental facility opened on February 1st in the 14th district of Paris. To understand why some men like to have intimate relationships with these objects, 20 Minutes interviewed Nathalie Parein, psychologist and sexologist. Why ..
How do you deal with a lifelike sex doll? Should she be treated like a raw egg or have sex and fun with her until the doctor comes? This question is not so easy to answer, but basically there will be no lasting fun with love dolls without compromise on different levels. Fi..
The most frequent question we receive is "How do I clean my sex doll after using it?". The vast majority of customers want to keep their sex doll clean after using them and keep them in good condition so they can enjoy them again and again. This is a great question and deserves a complete answer. Pr..
Adult sex dolls generally cost more than US$1,000. I really don’t know who should cry if the doll is damaged due to improper maintenance. Life-size dolls are high-end art and collectibles. So you must take good care of it after purchase, so today I will introduce you to the correct maintena..
Aug 18 , 2023
My love for myself, and here at OkSexDoll.com, tells our blog readers how a life with a real mannequin not only changes everyday life forever, but also its special topic. I made it clear that I changed it to. Love that goes far beyond technical level dialogue. Humans (and sometimes love dolls) have ..
Realistic sex dolls have attracted many players with their overwhelming appearance and sexy body, and have gained great support from players. Real dolls look beautiful, but they're not cool when they're made. The face looks pretty, but is simple and bald, so it doesn't look attractive to th..
A sexual mannequin is basically a type of genitals. This mannequin, also known as a realistic sex doll . Supports users to perform semi-realistic sexual activity. In general, people use sex mannequins to increase the enjoyment of masturbation. These mannequins are available in a ..
This article explains how to personalize your sex doll after purchase. The lover doll of the same brand of the same brand looks exactly the same, but I bought that lover doll, so only she (he) wants to be my only exclusive lover. Most brands on the market now basically have only one choi..
Japanese sex dolls are famous for their cute features. More and more people in the world like Japanese sex dolls. It seems to be a very cool thing to buy a Japanese sex doll. As people get more and more lonely. Will Japanese sex dolls help people overcome loneliness? Why are autistic patients getti..
Treating a Japanese woman as a womanfriend is what many men want to do, but would you like to treat Japanese real sex dolls as your true sexual partner? Your partner should be able to satisfy your desires Without a passionate partner, sexual activity is incomplete. Your p..
The real shock is the fantasy sex dolls that accompanies the night. The real doll understands the helplessness of middle-aged men best. Concerned about a social issue, what should a middle-aged person do? Most people's understanding of "middle age" is undoubtedly 30 and 40 ..
Real-life dolls and torso dolls made of ordinary TPE material are one of the most popular dolls. From an aesthetic point of view, full-body dolls look more beautiful, and perfect beauty is the aesthetic of most people. Life-size love dolls made of the same material are more expensive, but ..
When you buy a realistic sex doll , you may encounter objections from your family or your living environment does not allow it, but you will want to buy it, but this time we will consider how to hide the love doll you bought. Here I would like to tell everyone that if the love doll ..
Oksexdoll Shop offers a wide range of realistic sex doll brands for you to choose from. All the brands on sale are officially authorized and guaranteed to be 100% authentic! Here, from personalized customization to cutting-edge technological innovation, from cost-effective price to high-end quality, we can give you or your lover a warm surprise. Let's explore together!
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