More Men Prefer To Select Sex Dolls Rather Than Real Women

Admin 2019-08-01 August

I don't know if you have seen the movie "Lars and the Real Girl". If I remember correctly, the Chinese movie name should be "Inflatable Doll Love". Seeing the article I want to share with you today, I immediately remembered this movie that made me feel a little touched. As an assignment, if you are interested in today's topic, you can check out this movie.

Inflatable doll English is sex doll, it seems to be translated into "real doll" will be appropriate. But in order to allow us to better associate with the real thing, we still call the sex doll with the big stream! The story to be talked about today is like this. Danish photographer Benita Marcussen, who was looking for a few inflatable dolls on the Internet, convinced them to let Benita shoot their everyday patterns with inflatable dolls.

Benita found that the money that these dolls spent on customizing “lovers” was simply staggering. Can you imagine that they are willing to spend $6,000 to $50,000 to customize their own real sex dolls? They will pick the skin color they like, the proportion of the body they like, the size and color of the eyes, and even the different hairstyles.

These doll enthusiasts actually have their own reasons for this. Some have been married to have children, and some even end up in more than 10 years of marriage into the world of sex dolls can not extricate themselves. I had a mini sex doll that I had planned to marry my fiancee, but I still couldn’t get out of the real doll. For these men, lifelike real love dolls make them more comfortable to live, and always the reason they go home. This state of life has been fixed and will continue to be difficult to extricate.

full size sex doll

Why is this happening?

I don't have such a strong memory and feelings without revealing this topic. Recently, I seem to have seen many movies of this kind: because of the development of technology, humans no longer need to rely on communication and collaboration to accomplish anything, but just need to control the machine themselves. I remember that there is a movie "Future Warrior" means that humans can rely on instruments to control a robot substitute, help them to work and socialize, and when a person wants to face In this society, he has been unable to communicate and contact with people naturally.

Although the film is an exaggerated script, such a fact does exist. The tremendous pressure of life and the reduction of mutual trust between people have affected the communication mode between people more or less. You can't deny that social phobia, crowd phobia, and communication phobia have indeed occurred. Many people. Recently, everyone is not saying, let me be a beautiful man quietly. So, you are actually already sick...

Therefore, I always feel that at the end of the development of science and technology, a person can only be friends with himself and even get rid of schizophrenia.

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