Apr 18, 2022

Real Sex Dolls Can Bring You Joy

big booty sex dolls

When the realistic sex dolls arrived, there was a hole in the ankle, the box was damaged, and there was a dirty black mark on the ankle. If they could cook, wash the car, mow the lawn, she would be better off marrying me than in real life because that person can't speak. If she has to temporarily support her body weight while walking, her feet will be tilted by at least 30mm. She was wearing a white, stockings, suspenders, thong and denim suit. She looks great. The bouncing boobs on the corset are a true representation of her feet. She just snuggled up on the bed. This is a beautiful true love doll!

This doll is the future of sex dolls. Wear her and she looks great. She looks good without clothes. She was so real I thought I was the same married man and cheating on other women. This big booty sex doll deserves more stars, but at most five. Another important factor is good communication with the company. You did a great job and the client is happy. BEST PRICE You can get real sex dolls on the internet. It is much faster to ship custom love dolls from China. I got everything I expected. Order today and you won't be disappointed!