Buying Fucking A Sex Doll To Treat Loneliness

Admin 2020-03-02 March

I have been single for a long time. I wanted a really good relationship many times. I was really disappointed. No matter how many women I married, I always complained. My companions have always said that I am an attractive and handsome man. I don't know why I didn't want to work with women. One night I was depressed alone, my best buddy asked him if he could bring his acquaintance for a beer. I was skeptical at first. Because I abandoned the world of women. A few weeks ago, a companion said that I could buy sex dolls against loneliness. It hurt me deeply, but forgave him in the meantime. So I agreed. Maybe his companion was good.

A few minutes later, the woman was sitting in the living room with me. My companion received an emergency call shortly after he dropped her off at my location. He was ready and had to go to work. So I realized I was sitting on the couch with a cute love doll. She looked really hot. Their roots were in Asia. You could see it. It didn't bother me because I like such women. How she was sitting there with brown wavy hair and how she saw me with brown eyes. It was just amazing. This TPE material sex doll attracted me directly. You probably didn't think you should want to be your wife again.

So I stroked her wavy hair on her and she slipped a little on the sofa. Her sweet kimono slipped down and her cute lingerie glowed. Now I'm really hot and speeding. Without knowing, I opened her kimono and slid it on her shoulder. So this Japanese sex doll was only underwear before me. Her black lingerie shimmered at me. For me, there was no more hold. I knew exactly what I wanted. And I wanted to see this hot girl naked.

When we kissed, I gently opened her bra. Then I pulled her black little string on my foot. Here, for the first time, I felt the desire of this woman. I knew that while she embodies a shy girl next door, she could be a wild partner for several hours. This versatility made me special. Finally she got naked in front of me. She offered me her luscious bust. Certainly, this mini-sex doll was equipped with a D-cup. I thought it was really cool. I felt excited about the pants. I started gently began loving her breasts. Why haven't you heard about your peers before? Buying a sex doll is not so bad advice. This hot real love sex doll almost got me hooked. I moved her around with my tongue and, while kissing, I knead her plump breast. Her hard nipples felt great.

Finally, I wanted more. I wanted to know how her vagina looked. So I spread her legs. She looked brilliant. I knelt between her open thighs and saw a wet cat. She was a little shaggy. Some brown pubic hair curled her private part. When she stimulated her clitoris with her middle finger, she immediately shook. It was just sacred. Now I was hot enough. I wanted to spray with this real sex doll and have a great orgasm. So I took off my pants and knelt between her legs. I gently penetrated her. She was very soft, her skin was very soft and very real. It especially excited me. This girl has not been exhausted yet. She was really a virgin. Sex with her was great. After coming to the climax, I snuggled up to her and bare her body. This was the best sex I have had for a long time. For the first time, there was a heart movement on my neck. Who thought you could have such beautiful sex with Japanese sex doll?

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