July 21, 2021

More Than Just Sex Dolls?

More than just sex dolls?

The term "real sex doll" was chosen because its main function and purpose is to provide people with a special bed experience. It usually has all the human requirements for sex, she has all the sexual stimuli to provide, and she emphasizes that certain stimuli may achieve their goals, for example, people are surprisingly similar.

However, even though realistic sex doll are primarily designed and manufactured for this function, they are ultimately manufactured by merchants. Then it can get sex doll+ or love doll or even soul, just like in my case.

Sex doll+ means that people who buy it will spend more time than just giving sexual satisfaction. Then he gave her the words to fall asleep next to her, or put her on the sofa next to her. Then the sex doll slowly became a love doll.

The transition from a sex doll to a lover doll is smooth, and there is no definition in this case, but it can usually be said that sex dolls are becoming more and more personal, and doing things in bed also plays a role. I will.

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When will the story of the real love doll air?

The most important thing is that if the love doll can be properly integrated into daily life, it is no longer a sex doll, it is a companion and has a certain function. These characteristics include sitting at a table, acting as a listener, and dressing up like a woman. Wear all kinds of clothes.

If she gets the soul from her TPE sex doll friend, then the real doll is obviously no longer a sex doll. This soul first means acquiring the identity, personality and unique style it seeks. It is no longer a porn role-playing, but a real companion and daily help. I am such a love doll. A real doll is the body in her soul. Then gender—just like the relationship between people—is just a part of everyday life that you collectively deny. For example, you can learn more about the life of having such a true love doll on your blog.

However, when sex dolls become another love doll, there are other ways. Many sex doll buyers don't plan to use them for sex from the beginning. They like to love dolls because it is a work of art, excellent photography, or just a charm. They want to get dressed, take pictures, see dolls, and then be happy. Sex then inspired her, not only making her a daily companion, but also useless. This is a completely different way from them.

TPE sex dolls increase the types of love dolls

Especially for lover dolls made of TPE materials, the various paths between sex dolls and lover dolls are particularly extensive. This type of love doll has little merit in design, and it also opens up another type of love doll friends that did not exist before: fantasy lovers-sex dolls..

Lover dolls, such as sex dolls, are designed based on imaginary models. They no longer correspond to mannequins, but are filled with characters from various movies, games or books. Friends like this love doll think that love doll is more than just role-playing, life from their own world, and so on. In this case, of course, sex and pornography can certainly play a role.

Today, it can cause so many human mutations because it is just the real thing. It is visually very similar to humans, so it can satisfy more needs and desires of some doll-loving friends, rather than just relaxing sex. The needs of loyalty, hugs, love, and harmony make sex dolls more than just playmates on the bed.

Mini sex doll are absolutely capable of causing such things to people. There are many examples and reports. In the forum. But whether it's pure sex dolls, sex dolls, or true love dolls, it's up to you where you like to play. This is something that dealers and manufacturers cannot provide. This is entirely your decision and choice.