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The Reason Why Love Dolls Are Sometimes Called Chinese Dolls

Why are love dolls called Chinese dolls?

Of course, we are particular about everything from modeling to original, develop all the materials related to realistic sex doll in-house, such as research on the skeleton, the mechanism of joints, and the composition of the material that becomes the skin called TPE, and take the product image in-house. Some companies copy everything such as modeling and skeleton, TPE recycles waste products, plagiarizes product images by illegal download, etc., and sells the price at less than half the price of genuine products by thorough copy commercial law. There are also companies like this.

From the perspective of a company that operates properly, many companies are regrettable that they are collectively called Chinese dolls with contempt.

I went to an adult exhibition in Guangzhou this year as well, and it was a Chinese-like exhibition that responded to all needs from famous famous manufacturers that are confused with genuine and counterfeit products to suspicious manufacturers that mainly focus on counterfeit products.

So why are there so many love doll makers in this area (Guangdong)? I tried to consider.

There are two main reasons.

perfect womanfriend sex doll

One is that this area was originally a center for mannequin production, and 90% of the world's mannequins are produced in this area. That is. The two elements used for the mannequin are the love doll manufacturing technology.

It is that many sculptors and engravers have been trained in this mannequin industry.

The other is that the technique of making mannequin molds can be diverted.

Many human resources from the low-profit mannequin industry flowed to TPE sex doll makers, which caused many factories to rush.

Secondly, there were many OEM factories in Onahoru in this area, and the TPE used for Onahoru was used without knowing it for a long time. Each manufacturer has also researched its own formulation and silicon has developed in Japan, but here TPE has achieved its own development, and if it is adopted as a love doll skin as it is, it will be consumed in large quantities, which is a big deal. It has developed into an industry.

I hope you understand why there are so many factories in this area even in the vast China. I think that unscrupulous repetition of pakuri and copying in the process of the rise and development of one industry will accelerate the decline of the product, but only companies that have the means to fight and win in such fierce competition. It can be said that Chinese companies are accustomed to the survival of survivors.

There are many problems when applied to international standards, but I even feel afraid that it is the strongest when looking at the result of winning the competition without choosing any means.

When I actually saw the adult exhibition, there was a company that switched to the original doll this year at the booth where only copy dolls were lined up until last year. It is also a common practice to promote originalization by accumulating the technology and capital cultivated by copying, and to sing as a long-established manufacturer of with a casual look.

Many new factories are created every year, and many factories are weeded out as a result of competition. This is the current state of Chinese dolls.

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