How to Avoid Scams When Buying Sex Dolls?

Admin 2019-06-03

As sex dolls become more popular, how to avoid scams when buying sex dolls becomes a concern, this article will teach you avoid scams in 5 ways.

Sexual Ability Of Robot Male Sex Dolls Comparable To Superman

Admin 2019-06-03

8,000 pounds of sex male dolls born, their sexual ability comparable to Superman!

Is your Real Sexual Partner a Japanese Sex Doll?

Admin 2019-06-11

Treating a Japanese girl as a girlfriend is what many men want to do, but would you like to use Japanese real human dolls as your true sexual partner?

Is Japanese Sex Dolls Possible to Overcome Loneliness?

Admin 2019-06-13

Buying a Japanese sex doll seems to be a very cool thing, so will Japanese sex dolls help people overcome loneliness?

What Are Next Generation Of Japanese Sex Dolls?

Admin 2019-06-18

Japanese sex dolls are becoming more and more popular, so what is the next generation of Japanese sex dolls?

OkSexDoll's Founder Jack Was Interviewed By EAN

Admin 2019-06-22

EAN, a well-known adult magazine in Europe, interviewed Jack, the founder of OkSexDoll. The subject of the interview was the purpose of the establishment of OkSexDoll and the concept of selling robotic dolls.

Chinese Sex Retailers Launch Shared Sex Doll Girlfriends

Admin 2019-06-28

According to foreign media reports, following the sharing of bicycles, shared umbrellas, and shared basketball, a Chinese company launched a shared sex doll.

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