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The sex doll industry is rich in life size love dolls, bigger than ever, and evolving. But how was this development born? Where did the sex dolls originally come from? According to the story, the history of lifelike love doll dates back more than 2000 years. The Roman poet Ovid, a collection of poe..
With the advent of many models on the market, lifelike sex dolls have proved that can be shown to everyone in various shapes and appearances, and can be customized according to existing characters and stars. By the way, do you think that real sex doll can save your marriage? However, this sentence c..
With the development of science and technology, our era can enter the era of intelligence, and the derived smart product pages will gradually replace humans in specific positions. Whether it’s a supermarket or the driverless truck that is planned to be launched next year, we have seen machines repla..
What does the study show? Are realistic sex doll just luxury toys? Or can they offer greater therapeutic goals to help guide or suppress bad behaviors such as rape and pedophilia? Some people think people are very strange, they may fall in love with cats, dogs or machines that can't..
"Pedophilia" is a pathological preference for obtaining sexual satisfaction against adolescents. The pedophilia sexual orientation is generally directed to high quality who are pre-puberty or undeveloped. Academically, the concept of pedophilia originated in the late 19th century, but the emergence ..
Since entering the 21st century, realistic sex doll are getting closer and closer to real people in appearance and texture. The characteristics of love dolls ?? Now, in China, we are more and more free human beings, and sex toys are no longer what they used to be. With the gradual acce..
Aug 18 , 2023
Artificial intelligence is changing our lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that artificial intelligence also has a huge impact on the industry. Especially in realistic sex doll , they began to play a greater role. AI dolls are used for everything from oral sex to full i..
Well, actually, there is no clear answer to this question. It all depends on personal intuition. However, we will help you understand the basic contents and functions of sex toys and Love Doll . After reading the article. I hope you have a clear understanding of sex dolls an..
Nowadays, when sex dolls are produced, most have permanent makeup and not easy to fade, but as time goes by, the original makeup your doll has, especially where it’s often rubbed, may get a little faded. In this case, what should you do to help your doll become gorgeous again? ..
Today, I will briefly introduce the difference between silicone dolls and TPE Silicone Sex Dolls . First of all, lover dolls are different to the touch: like silicone sex dolls, they feel a little hard. Compared to TPE dolls, TPE-like dolls are soft to the touch of th..
Sex is part of human life and the most primitive desire. Whether it is psychological or physical, it is inseparable from sex life. This article will introduce several popular poses and areas to be aware of. 1、Doggy style Get on all fours, then ha..
There's hardly any difference here, both love doll designs have one thing in common: They stand out from inbeautifulable rubber dolls and play in completely different leagues. We're talking about sex toys and even sex-toy-based sex-toy-based professional leagues. Here you have nothing to do with hot..
A topic that has received much attention recently is the use of Love Doll . The term sex doll is used to cover a wide range of objects, from latex dolls with limited functionality to new types of interactive robots. We believe the products we offer have many uses, but we are some..
How were sex dolls brought into the world? How do these TPE Silicone Sex Dolls ? If you are a serious doll lover, these questions are likely to arouse your deep curiosity. It's natural to be curious about the process of creating sex dolls. But it is very tiring and inconvenient t..
Can you imagine how many sex toys you can sell in a year? According to the consumption report of jd.com adult products in 2020, in 2020, the sales volume of domestic dolls in China was about 600000, the average monthly sales volume was 50000, and the global sales volume was about 2 million. In addit..
Sex is the need of the human body, for which many men are willing to pay large sums of money to satisfy their various sexual fantasies. Now, a wide range of sex toys also provides an excellent opportunity for men to explore the world of sexual desire. They just want to buy a lover doll for themselve..
Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network stated in June 2006: "In the next five years, people will have sex with Robot Sex Dolls . In a 2014 interview with Newsweek, David Levy, author of Robots and Sex, said that by the mid-21st century, a century..
More and more Japanese men are now choosing to fall in love with silicone dolls, thus the birth rate in Japan continues to decrease, and more and more Japanese men are not willing to cope with the requirements of the other half and avoid falling out of love. They choose not to talk about true love, ..
Aug 18 , 2023
Over the years, adult sex toys have become a kind of thing and are widely welcomed and accepted all over the world. A life size Love Doll may be composed of various parts of the body, and may only include the head, pelvis or the whole body, thereby stimulating the user. The doll ..
Hi everyone! Do you live a comfortable realistic sex doll life every day? Last time I introduced the maintenance methods for real dolls, this time I want to introduce recommended skin care products that are useful for cleaning. ・Recommended product①: Baby powder First of all, ..
A wide variety of lifelike Love Doll and facial expressions allow you to customize a long-lost and comfortable partner. Have you met a woman who is very interested in you? Have you ever met a woman you want to take home with you every day? It has a dazzlingly soft look, the perfe..
Can sex toys bring positive changes to anyone's life? Can it be said that adult love dolls can bring happiness and happiness? If you want to know, no, we don't want to be some kind of sex doll philosopher (although it sounds cool). These questions are raised by those who are skeptical of sex toys. L..
Sex organs are not just an important part of your body, sex is also the source of your happiness and joy. If you're stressed or anxious, having safer sex with your partner will make you feel better. It is important to have someone with the same desires and sexuality. In some cases, the individual ha..
You might be thinking about this because you've always dreamed of taking a shower with your sexual partner. But it's a natural question when a partner has a beautiful life-size Love Doll . Information on sex products on the internet is so scarce that many people are still hesitan..
You decide to buy a TPE Silicone Sex Dolls to improve your marriage. This is an extraordinary decision! People get a sex doll in the room for a variety of reasons. Whether you're trying to reintroduce the luster you lost in a relationship, or you're shocked by how careless your p..
In recent years, the market has also increased as the demand for lifelike sex dolls has increased. First of all, when it comes to sex, FJ Doll offer endless sexual potential to those who need sex, especially very horny singles. The carnival is just around the corner and wil..
A lot of times, your husband is more sexual and you don't have enough time and experience to meet his demands, but you feel good and you don't want to upset him with sex, even in the long term, your husband may Cheating, this is a very bad outcome. So some people think of lifelike sex dolls. If you ..
Some see a realistic female sex doll as a life partner, while others see it as a sex doll for physical needs. Sex dolls are also used as models. Male masturbators and realistic TPE Silicone Sex Dolls are a great option for men who are tired of masturbating o..
Some people buy Love Doll to increase their sex life. Sometimes, sex with your partner seems to lack novelty, or you two want to play 3P but feel shy. If the above conditions are met, a realistic sex doll is exactly what you need. Sex dolls are a reasonable tool to satisfy ..
With your sex doll, you will be able to experience almost the same experience as your real sex partner. You must have heard of it and found it interesting. JY Doll are a type of sex toy that is modeled and imitated by humans and used for masturbation. Adult sexy dolls are i..
Since the invention of sex dolls, the demand for dolls in the industry has increased dramatically as men are fascinated by these exquisite beauties. Studies have shown that these FJ Dolls appeared in the 18th century and were the perfect assistants to satisfy a man's wildest desire..
American photographer Horne met Blanche on an online forum. Dirk is wary of the media and photographers for fear of being biased by anomalies or distortions. But perhaps the desire to share overcame the hesitation, and soon he was talking to Horn about his marriage to Blanche,a 157cm Sex ..
In addition to the craft materials used, the doll's skeleton is very durable and expensive. The joints are sturdy and durable, allowing the real doll to maintain its posture and stand up. One problem with affordable sex dolls is that over time, the joints will be removed, and after long-term use,..
Before delving into the effectiveness of these lifelike dolls in alleviating loneliness, it's essential to grasp the underlying motivations driving individuals to seek companionship from them. The rationales behind such decisions are as diverse and multifaceted as the dolls themselves! The mai..
Some people who are considering buying a love doll may worry about what it is like to own a love doll. Of course, the owners of realistic sex doll are sometimes portrayed in movies as lonely people in society, unable to have relationships with real women. But by 2021, most lover ..
Why are love dolls called Chinese dolls? Of course, we are particular about everything from modeling to original, develop all the materials related to realistic sex doll in-house, such as research on the skeleton, the mechanism of joints, and the composition of the material that bec..
I don't know if you have seen the movie "Lars and the Real woman". If I remember correctly, the Chinese movie name should be "Inbeautifulable Doll Love". Seeing the article I want to share with you today, I immediately remembered this movie that made me feel a little touched. As an assignment, if yo..
1. The silicone love doll is suitable for more than 30 million elderly men. Realistic sex doll will completely replace the other half in the next ten years and become the "perfect lover", helping more than 30 million older single men save and relieve stress. Get rid of the worries of "..
We've already seen sex doll brothels run by love doll lovers in major cities such as Barcelona, ​​Toronto, and Turin. Customers can pay about $120 an hour to do whatever they want with one of the AI-Tech Doll. Common sex dolls in a brothel in Barcelona. Going out with her costs 80 euros, ..
If you like oral sex, don't be afraid. Pay attention to your physical comfort. When giving, listen to your body. Do you take action? It will make a sound when placed in the mouth. Vibration creates an additional sensation. You can do the same thing by holding the vibrator close to the cheek. Fina..
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