Aug 01, 2022

Should I Buy Silicone Dolls?

A lot of times, your husband is more sexual and you don't have enough time and experience to meet his demands, but you feel good and you don't want to upset him with sex, even in the long term, your husband may Cheating, this is a very bad outcome. So some people think of lifelike sex dolls. If you can buy Flat Chest Sex Doll and provide them to your husband, it can satisfy the husband's sexual desire to a certain extent and make the relationship between husband and wife easier.


So, do you allow your husband to have sex with your silicone sex doll?

In many cases, you cannot meet your husband's sexual demands, such as B. In your body and during pregnancy, you cannot. But how are your husband's sexual needs fulfilled? Looking for other women? you can not. AI-Tech Doll make good substitutes for sex. Can you accept your husband's sex and sex dolls? I would never let my partner buy anything. I will never ban it. My partner is an adult. As adults, they have the right to buy whatever they want. Because sex toys can bring all kinds of sexual defects, sexual insecurities, and worries.

What do you think? Compromise or refuse?

Your partner has the right to touch their body any way they want and to choose what they do. If at some point he finds something else, I suggest he find someone and try to avoid their details. Because when someone falls in love or masturbates, they are imagining the best breasts, bodies, etc! Different people have different views on this issue. Most people do not want their husbands to have sex with anyone other than themselves or to have sex with Cheap Sex Doll, but for a better marriage, they allow their husbands to buy sex dolls because they find it more acceptable than their husbands.