Jan 13, 2022

How Can I prevent A Sex Doll's Standing Feature From Damaging The Floor?

The independent function of lifelike sex dolls is that the doll can maintain its own standing position. Since it is a universal love doll material, especially the love doll made of TPE material, its body is very soft. It requires that all of Dole's limbs be supported by internal artificial bones, but the palms and soles of the feet at the ends of the limbs are not supported by special artificial bones. So if you want a love doll to keep her standing. Special handling must be done independently.

The approach to self-reliance is easier to understand than you might think. It can only be achieved by attaching precision bolts to the sole of the foot. In most cases, there are 2 bolts on the left and right sides of the base of the toe and the midpoint of the arch, and 1 bolt on each side of the heel, for a total of 3 bolts. By attaching this bolt to the sole of the doll, the love doll can support the weight of the body and stand when it is independent.

In other words, with this precision bolt, you can stand independently with any soft sole. Most people who hear this feature for the first time think it's a pretty fantastic technology, but there are serious downsides to both real life and realism. One is that in real life, the self-sustaining function of the lover doll would damage the floor. The other is a sense of reality. Bolting the sole of the foot can ruin the beauty of the doll's foot.

In real life, many people worry that the bolts in the soles of the dolls will damage the floor of the room. Do self-supporting love dolls really hurt the floor?

It depends on the material of the floor, so if the floor is rigid and not easy to scratch, it won't get scratched. However, in generic apartments and condos, the floor material is very weak. Floors are prone to dents and surfaces are prone to peeling.

How to avoid bolts scratching the floor

Bolting to love doll soles is common, as is everyday furniture like table legs and chair legs, and can damage floors. Any type of support post will give you everyday scars on and off the floor.

So, while enjoying the convenience of the doll's independence, I would like to introduce how to protect the floor from the bolts.

Put on shoes and slippers, and put on a cushion

The first method is to wear ordinary shoes or slippers on the self-supporting love doll.

Standing silicone sex doll often damage floors, so manufacturers and distributors who know this offer services that include regular shoes, etc., before shipping the product. However, for overseas manufacturers and distributors, the weight price of international postage is high, so I think buyers should buy shoes and slippers first.

You don't have to buy such expensive shoes and slippers. Even with ordinary slippers around $10, the bolts on the bottom of the love doll's feet won't be damaged by the floor.

In fact, even thick socks can effectively protect the floor, but the presence of bolts when putting on and taking off socks can cause trouble, so I don't think this method is very practical. If you don't take your socks off slowly, your toenails may come off.

Another method just got easier. The method is to prevent the love doll from standing on the floor.

When storing free-standing love dolls, it is cumbersome to place the doll on its side in the box, so most of the time the doll will be on its own.

So if you first place a mat where you want the doll to stand on its own, the bolts on the bottom of the doll's feet won't touch the floor.

Self-supporting teen sex doll vary widely in the design, quality and durability of the footbolt, depending on the craftsmanship and technology of the manufacturer. However, if you only support a love doll weighing about 20 to 40 kg on two legs and leave it as it is, the floor will inevitably be damaged. As with normal furniture like tables and chairs, I think you need a cushion.

So, on the other hand, if you want to protect floors like floors, it's most convenient to put the shoes on the doll or stand on the mat.

Of course, the cost of preparing them is not small, but it is trivial compared to the cost of restitution when moving out, such as renting, so in the environment of the room, you will have a self-supporting doll. floor. In that case, I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.