What is the feeling of girls being overweight?

Admin 2019-05-06

Plump refers to women and is synonymous with good body. Speaking of it, just like when you are inadvertently glimpsing, the girl who flashed across the opposite side seems to be a bit fat.

First Robot Sex Doll Of The World

Admin 2019-05-15

Recently, sex doll manufacturers must have a shock, because sex robots have come out, they are from the American company Abyss Creations.

How Do Sex Dolls Solve The Japanese Sex Crisis?

Admin 2019-05-29

Japan is a big country of pornography, but in such a country where the porn industry is developed, Japan has a crisis of sexual life. This sounds incredible. What is the cause of Japan’s sexual crisis?

Three Benefits of Custom Sex Dolls

Admin 2019-05-31

You must be looking for a perfect girlfriend, but the definition of the perfect lover in everyone's mind is different, so you need to know the three benefits of custom dolls.

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