First Robot Sex Doll Of The World

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Recently, sex doll manufacturers must have a shock, because sex robots have come out, they are from the American company Abyss Creations.

Abyss Creations is a mysterious organization in the United States. It is located in an inconspicuous building in the north of San Diego. There is no sign. The first time you go, you must not find it, but it is the largest in the United States. The sex toy production factory started the production of sex dolls 20 years ago, and specializes in personalized high-end customization. A doll sells for 12,000 dollars.

Every robot sex doll is intelligent

Abyss Creations's fun dolls are all handmade, each doll takes more than 80 hours to produce and can produce 300-400 per year. Its founder, Matt McMullen, is also the first person in the world to create a silicone-like fun doll that fits perfectly into the human anatomy, full-height skeletal structure, and can be used in a variety of shapes; since 1997, the sale of sexy dolls has been sold at the time. It reached $3,500.

His erotic dolls also appeared on various Hollywood blockbusters. Some psychiatrists used his dolls for adjuvant treatment. Even the US Department of Defense ordered dolls from him for daily training. The chiefs, princes, racers, Nobel laureates, and lead singers are all their clients. Of course, Abyss Creations' confidential work is also trustworthy.

Recently, Abyss Creations has produced robot sex doll. Of course, the price is not cheap at all: from $10,000! These sex robots can be said to be part of the robot revolution: incorporating artificial intelligence into robots that are very similar to the human body.

robot sex doll

With the help of artificial intelligence, they all have permanent memory and strong ability to learn and imitate, which allows them to analyze the master's ... amount, wrong, the user's daily habits, provide more accurate services; users can also The robot is updated by the APP. They also carry an intelligent voice system that responds to each user's performance. Unlike the cold-blooded robots, these sex robots have heaters in their bodies that simulate real human body temperatures. Their limbs are also very flexible, very similar to humans, and each joint can be bent freely to meet your various posture needs.

These AI sex dolls can be customized

In all kinds of details, it is also very hard, even nails and eyelashes are very realistic. As always, these sex robots can be customized, and they want everything and what they want. After all, founder Matt McMullen was a female sculpture before selling dolls, and women's understanding of the female body was admired by women. If you like men, don't worry, Abyss Creations takes it into account, but only a few types.

In fact, sex robots have been controversial, founder Matt McMullen said: I hope that users not only get physiological satisfaction from sex robots, but also get psychological satisfaction. However, some people once launched a campaign of anti-sex robots, and believed that the interaction with sex robots can only make people more confused in real social life. What do you think of it?

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