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WM Doll, The Groundbreaking Sex Doll

Aug 18 , 2023

WM sex dolls use only TPE (thermoplastic) for love dolls and body parts. In addition, there are silicone materials. All his dolls are made of steel skeletons. All materials used are harmless and tested according to health regulations.

Fulfill all fantasies and help everyone. The next step for WM dolls seems inevitable: from extra large to small, from cute to skinny. In the summer of 2016, new small breast sex dolls such as A-cup and 155cm A-cup were launched.

WM sex dolls

In the spring of 2016, while the world was still watching the incredible curve of Venus, WM once again achieved its goal. The aim this time was to "exaggerate": to commoditize beauty sex doll without breasts. Kind of weird. With a 165cm K-cup, the WM doll seems to be on a quest for a new mission: fulfilling all male fantasies, even if it's not common. To make sure the intent was clear, the brand quickly launched a K-cup version with extra-long nipples.

In cooperation with Lyla, WM sexy Dolls will pursue the ideal of pure beauty and purity, returning to the bold and shocking design with Venus. Venus launched in late 2015. She has huge breasts and a small waist. She was born to satisfy the fantasies of many men. Needless to say, this man appreciates it. So much so that the market was quickly overwhelmed by Venus dolls. Therefore, Venus retains archetypes, classics and inspirations. The WM Love Doll was a huge success. This is the third success in as many months. This is the brand's hallmark of turning love dolls into stars.

A few months later, WM Dolls launched Lyla, their second hit. Lyla, 5'4" with an angelic emotional face, embodies the ideal of a beautiful post-adolescent woman who suddenly realizes she has the body of her dreams. Technically, a fabulous all-rounder can be replaced with a medium height and weight, soft skin, and up to 25 heads. Lyra may still be the best-selling real-life doll in the world.

The doll brand WM belongs to the models of the Zhongshan Shaxi Clothing and Props Factory, also known as Nearly 30%, a Chinese company headquartered in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

Known for the quality and bold designs of its premium sex doll , WM Doll is the first Chinese brand to achieve global success. Today, new institutions and new faces appear frequently, and the most innovative and commercially successful designs are often copied or reinterpreted by competitors.

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