Differences Between Inflatable Sex Doll and Realistic Sex Dolls

Admin 2019-11-28

Congratulations on purchasing a doll whose face and body are satisfied, the model after the renewal began to buy new clothes, accessories, maintenance, and even pour our emotions into love dolls, but then Satisfaction and joy cannot be exchanged.

In-depth Analysis Of TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

Admin 2019-03-22

Many people don’t know how to choose their best love dolls between TPE and silicone sex dolls,today the 6 differences tell you which is better for you.

Ingenious Adult Doll Production Process Overview

Admin 2019-04-27

People only know how to buy real dolls, but do people know how these dolls are produced? The production process takes time and is very complicated.

What Are Next Generation Of Japanese Sex Dolls?

Admin 2019-06-18

Japanese sex dolls are becoming more and more popular, so what is the next generation of Japanese sex dolls?

Visit the First Brothel of Sex Dolls in Paris

Admin 2019-07-04

We had people last night, says the founder and manager of a place, currently unique in France: a brothel of sex dolls. The name: Xdolls.

Do You Know The Development Process Of Sex Dolls?

Admin 2019-08-01

The sex doll industry is rich in life size love dolls, bigger than ever, and evolving. But how was this development born? Where did the sex dolls originally come from?

Do You Know Development Of Realistic Sex Dolls?

Admin 2019-08-13

Whenever people talk about sex toys, they are always confused about its origins. The text describes the journey of realistic adult doll development.

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