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Factors Affecting Lifespan of Realistic Sex Dolls

Love dolls mean a lot to many people and hold an important place in their hearts because they bring so many different colors to their lives. So, before owning, protecting and relying on realistic sex dolls , they want to know what to expect from sex dolls' life expectancy. Here are some key aspects of the doll.

Sex Doll Material

This is the most important factor because the better the material of the sex doll, the more it can withstand harsh usage conditions and other mechanical factors that can destroy it. The downside is of course that high-quality TPE and silicone are more expensive, especially the latter.

realistic lifelike sex dolls

How to use sex dolls

The more you play with a beauty sex doll , the more it wears out and the shorter its lifespan. However, for dolls that are used regularly, this wear-and-tear effect can be mitigated with proper care and maintenance, especially when it comes to hydration and cleaning.

Also, it is important to treat the doll, rough handling can cause dents, cracks and even chips, which will definitely shorten the life of the doll. The rougher the treatment, the less time it will stay in good shape.

Regular Maintenance of Sex Dolls

Maintenance is important for many reasons, especially when it comes to your health. Plus, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of a sex doll.

This includes regular cleaning - especially for more complex surfaces - frequent moistening with mineral oil and the use of lubricants (water based). Most importantly, avoid the use of harmful chemicals such as acidic solvents, alcohol, silicone oil.

Another important consideration is storage: it's best to keep anime sex dolls in a cool, dry place, or use a doll hanging kit; extreme temperature and humidity changes are a major factor in shortening a doll's lifespan.

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