Mar 10, 2022

The Explosive Revolution of Sex Doll Robots

Many concerns have been raised about robots taking over human jobs - but is there a rebound in machine intelligence in other areas too? Expectations were high for the first trailer for the 2017 US Network's thought-provoking documentary "Companion Robots Are Coming".

The show follows a man named George who lives with his 37-year-old wife and three sex dolls, and he doesn't seem surprised by their behavior. George revealed that he is comfortable alone with his love doll 3 to 4 days a week. He dresses her, puts makeup on her, and even goes shopping with her.

sex robot

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to design extremely realistic physical sex dolls, these companion robots are given a range of personalities chosen by their owners, from submissive to arrogant to bossy.

The next revolution in the age of sex doll robots

Companionship robot sex dolls can help people of all ages build intimacy and provide companionship and value to some older men. I don't want to belittle the escort robots, they're just another chapter in the sex story. Of course, it would be disgusting if the doll ordered looked like a high quality.

As for the bots that will take over the tasks of human interaction, because we already spend our time making phone calls, texting, refusing to copy metadata, and rejecting regular phone calls, that's an overly formal answer to the fear of bots.

As the imaginative "sexology" industry moves into a future that empowers minorities or marginalized groups and reduces the isolation of those who feel empty in their personal lives, some worry that technology will empower people with sexuality, while sex Behaviour destroys relationships.

Is there such a big difference between sex robots and women? Jack compares the capabilities of robots and humans and finds that machines are far less agile, intelligent and cunning than humans. When it comes to sensitivity, humans not only have sight, smell and hearing, but also touch.