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Looking for high quWhy Are Realistic Sex Dolls So Heavy?lity dolls

Silicone dolls, also called physical dolls, are a derivative of sex doll . Its appearance, texture and fidelity are much larger than inbeautifulable dolls, and correspondingly, the cost and price are higher. It is not only single men who buy silicone dolls, but also elderly people living alone, older women, and people with social disabilities, who pin their unsatisfactory desires in real life on silicone dolls.

sex robot

When I hold my 100-pound wife, I can lift her with ease. The sex doll weighs less than 60 pounds, but feels heavier than a 100-pound live human. Because with your wife, she can work with you and has strength all over her body, the doll on her body is immobile, and the treasure does not equal the pressure to find a balance. Also, don't feel overwhelmed because you might accidentally break the doll.

Silicone material feels more like real skin

The silicone doll feels soft and elastic, and is very similar to the real human muscle tissue and skin, which makes you feel more realistic when you enjoy sex. When you are touching her, feel the rebound, it feels very good. And heavier dolls have better bearing capacity, you can ride on her and sway wildly. Don't worry, the doll will be deformed or damaged. Although the doll may be a little heavier, this weight brings the ultimate sexual enjoyment completely different from ordinary inbeautifulable dolls, and restores the sensory experience of intercourse with real people to the greatest extent.

Actually, you don't have to worry about this. You need to communicate more with TPE Futuregirl Doll . Natural carry and release is also a great opportunity to not only experience throwing hard steel weapons, but also to exercise physical strength.

How should you hold a sex doll?

Do you know the line up? The octopus hug, where the woman puts her neck on the boy's neck and hooks her feet on the boy's hips, you have to hug her hips in a very romantic way (we recommend the easiest way), with the lifelike The doll turned and hugged. Turn to her, move your hips, and put your hands on the love doll's feet! This is the octopus hug. Hold your baby's buttocks with both hands...

Princess hug. In film and television, there are many common hugging gestures between men and women. Men hold love dolls in the air and look at each other. The doll's hands are hooked around the boy's neck, which looks very romantic. The doll can be naturally wrapped or dangling with its hands, maintaining the position well. Fulfill any of your sexual fantasies. The doll can be said to obey you, and you are her only master. Sit back and do a little exercise. It is easy to improve on the way to sleep.

Sit, stand, pull.
Because of its material properties, silicone Vampire Sex Dolls can easily assume the position you want, sitting, standing, lying on your side, and wide open legs. Dolls can satisfy your random excessive desires if you want.

Conclusion: All of the above poses can be mastered, and there is always one that suits you. Bend your knees and bring the tub to the bathroom with the doll princess. Dressed up, the sex doll princess put his feet, stockings and skirt on him and he was ready to go on wearing it as he was ready to adorn his head and hair. Then start enjoying your exclusive sex journey.

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