July 15, 2021

Describe The Opening And Structure of The Love Doll

 In the past, realistic sex doll were called adult sex dolls. Dolls made by Germans to satisfy their fetishes. At that time, it just satisfies sexual desire. Nowadays, love dolls are mostly used as adult products for sexual intercourse, but they are also used as carriers for models, life characters, spiritual wives, and daughters. First of all, I will explain from the beginning of the love doll.

Open the doll bag
Step 1: Place it in a large area, such as carefully moving the package to the living room

 Most people are surprised by the weight of the package when they receive it. Very heavy adult real dolls usually weigh 20 to 40 kilograms. If you don't have a car, you should bring the package to your home. You should unpack the TPE sex doll in the large living room, because the love doll needs to lie down.

Step 2: Use a knife to open the box along the seam on the package

 Open the package along the seam. To open the package, place it in the living room and use a knife or other items to cut the tape along the top edge of the box. When using a knife, be careful not to cut too deeply, so as not to damage the love doll. Cut the tape along the seam and the box will open.

Step 3: Separate the parts of the love doll.

 First of all, the head of TPE sex doll is on the thigh. I put it in a cushioned box, so it won't hurt my face. Then remove the cushion covering the head, and then remove the vinyl bag covering the head. All other bodies are covered with cushions, so take them all away.

Step 4: Clean the dust on the mat and wash your hands

 Please check the cleanliness of your hands before touching Aiwawa. This is to avoid color transfer. You should wash your hands before moving the busty sex doll to the sofa or bed.

Step 5: Check other service items

 Please note that there are usually seven items, including a wig, a cleaning tool, a USB heater, a piece of clothing, a cotton hand, a comb and a blanket. You can use all of them, so please save them carefully. You should put it in a special box.

Step 6: Take a shower and put your head on your body and put on a wig!

 Before the love doll arrives, you will be very excited. At that time, open the doll and install it immediately. Since it is custom-made, the newly opened love doll is best to be bathed and cleaned separately. If it is installed at the beginning, it will be troublesome to remove it.

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The structure of sex dolls

 Most of today's mini sex doll are custom-made, so you can choose all of them. From now on, I will explain the three parts of the head, upper body and lower body.

First of all, you can choose wigs or hairstyles such as perm, short hair, blonde or silver hair. If you go down, your eye color can choose black, blue, brown, etc. In addition, eyeballs are divided into active and fixed types. Moving is eye-catching and lively. The fixed type feels like a little stuffed animal. Then, for the mouth part, so far, there have been companies that can make teeth and tongue as well as regular oral sex.

Upper body doll
The upper body is divided into normal small breasts, good breasts, and big breasts. In addition, the hand has further evolved, and the fingers have a different skeleton than before. Love doll's movement becomes more abundant. I can grab and hold things. Choose a different color from your fingernails. You can also choose the color of the nipple.

Lower body doll
First of all, the lower part of the fuselage is integrated and detachable. Siamese looks like a real woman, but cleaning is a bit troublesome. The detachable type is the opposite. In addition, add pubic hair. You can also choose the amount. Go down, the choice of toenails is the same as that of fingernails. In addition, it can be inserted into the anus.