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There are 3 choices of typical female sex doll breast shape, and each manufacturer's name is different. The first is a basic solid breast, the second is a hollow breast and the third is a jelly breast. From the point of view of the characters, the characteristics of each type are easy ..
Sex doll skeleton Let's talk a little about the anatomy of the skeleton of a realistic sex doll . For beginners, the base of a sex doll isn't really soft mesh meat, but it's actually a metal skeleton that contains a variety of fixed movable joints. All of these joints attached to th..
If you have a realistic sex dolls , you will use it often. But you should keep the doll clean, which is better for you and the doll. Here are some suggestions for you, hoping to help you. 1. When having sex with dolls, and when having sex with sex dolls, water-based lubricants are r..
As the adult product market expands, more and more online stores are starting to sell real sex dolls. There are a lot of real dolls that we want to recommend, but first of all, we will introduce the popular TPE sex doll makers because of their personal subjectivity. Although..
Sep 1 , 2021
If you find a message, it is said that a man bought a realistic adult sex dolls and spent many years making a doll series without having sex with her. Do you believe in that kind of news? Most of you may not believe this and say "completely unfounded"? But many of you also believe this..
Do not understand the world of sex toys, do men fall in love with TPE Love dolls ? The origin of love doll During World War II, Hitler said to ensure the purity of German blood and prevent soldiers from having relations with non-Aryan women. Another argument is that in order t..
Before buying a love doll you need to know a few things. In fact, which is different from masturbation by hand, makes the time spent alone wonderful. Those who purchase after knowing why their masturbation life will be fulfilled will satisfy their sexual desire. Check out how to choose real sex doll..
When buying a realistic sex doll , you will encounter opposition from your family or the living environment does not allow it, but you will want to buy it, but this time we will consider how to hide the purchased loli love doll. Here I would like to tell everyone that if the love do..
The following press release describes how female sex doll flourished during the coronavirus pandemic. Enthusiasm and curiosity associated with joy are the never-ending qualities of human beings. The so-called love and passion for sex that are being cultivated between them have lost ..
The medical fraternity often says that sex is one way to beat the anxiety and depression we carry around in our lives. However, you may not receive it whenever you want to take the edge off, simply because the other gender might not be available, or not ready to help your dick have some cumshot mome..
Hello everyone. I am realistic sex doll . I heard that many people are paying attention to me. I am very happy. Today I want to talk about my birth so that everyone can understand me better. Love me more There are many brothers and sisters born differently, and they are born in d..
Having sex with a sex doll feels great and can be emotionally intimate. It's also very easy to make sure it won't get repetitive. You can experiment with different positions, types of sex and special lubricants. You can even change the outfits, wigs, and sometimes even proportions of your JY..
In the previous article "Characteristics of the breast shape of Aiwa", we explained in detail the characteristics of each breast shape of Aiwa, but if you have not yet decided which breast shape to choose, TPE sex doll will start from now on. I will explain each type. The pros and cons..
Have you ever wondered why people use true female sex doll ? Some people want to hear why they use such artificial sex partners. The most obvious reason is the sexual pleasure of the body. True love dolls are one of the most common sex dolls on the market. They are great sex dolls. ..
What is beauty? Is it a personal idea? Relief? What does the intrinsic value have to do with it? True realistic sex doll can answer these questions better than any journal, any psychologist, and sometimes even a human partner. For me, beauty has always been a combination of elements..
Put on a uniform and have unlimited freedom! If you "arrange female high Sexy high levels" for your realistic sex doll , you can enjoy your love life with female high Sexy high levels without hesitation! Have you heard of "Japanese men like high Sexy womans"? In fact, news such a..
I am afraid of being alone. You sit alone in a dark room, sleep alone with a pillow at night, no one talks to you, and women do not love you either. There is only you in the lonely empty time and space, which is terrible. Human beings have their own temperament and personality. They not only acce..
When women are driving or alone, I will buy male dolls to improve safety. Not only did women find these great realistic sex doll on the bed, but the proportion of men buying sex dolls has grown at an alarming rate, and some people have successfully found good partners. Here are some..
The female sex doll is made of many colors, shapes and different materials. In the pursuit of good quality, many people worry about whether the material of the doll is silicone or TPE. Both silicone and TPE are refined plastics developed over the years using high-quality chemicals. ..
Many customers may not be very satisfied with the appearance of the Love Doll after they buy it. Even if they are just satisfied, they will have aesthetic fatigue after watching for a long time. So how should sex dolls be dressed? silicone sex doll Cash-strapped customers seem to be pr..
Of all the questions in a man's mind, one of the most common questions is often "Am I normal?" The world is obsessed with penis size. This is hardly a secret. Nowadays, in the pills, pumps, stretching techniques and surgeries on the market, many men feel overwhelmed and confused because this is t..
Sex dolls are on the rise, and the days of traditional inbeautifulable dolls are a thing of the past. Recently, realistic JY Doll are made of silicone on the market, and they are almost unrecognizable from real womans. Why do customers trade inbeautifulable dolls for more perfect and l..
Can my man own a sex doll? As with all relational queries, the exact answer to this question will never satisfy everyone. But more and more, the world is open every day to a healthy and completely normal level of sexual activity. If you are in a healthy and affectionate relationship, all of us ca..
With the isolation of the world, realistic sex doll have become more popular! It can be boring not to be able to leave the house, especially if you have no one at home to have sex with. In the coronavirus crisis, we are all isolated and seem to be looking for ways to escape. This is..
Adult sex dolls generally cost more than US$1,000. I really don’t know who should cry if the doll is damaged due to improper maintenance. Life-size dolls are high-end art and collectibles. So you must take good care of it after purchase, so today I will introduce you to the correct maintenance..
The coronavirus has been with us for nearly two years and has managed to shape a new world we never thought we would enter. The initial two-week hiatus turned into months of anxiety, during which we largely adjusted to the unforeseen changes. While there is still hope for a brighter future and a cor..
The coronavirus has become so severe that many people have more opportunities to buy adult sex dolls for the first time. The current situation is very difficult. Many of us are trapped at home and cannot go out or do anything. So now is a good time to buy sex dolls. Many pe..
A year ago, I discovered anime and hentai, and while I was never interested in manga or Japanese cartoons, I was blown away by the weird poetry and aesthetic of womans with big eyes and colorful hair. What's more, I have always liked petite womans with small waists and womany figures. From dream ..
How do you deal with a lifelike sex doll? Should she be treated like a raw egg or have sex and fun with her until the doctor comes? This question is not so easy to answer, but basically there will be no lasting fun with love dolls without compromise on different levels. Firs..
Wash the latex doll thoroughly with antibacterial soap using a light sponge. Experts say that it is not very good to apply too much pressure on the doll to protect her skin. Choose a light colored wig cap for best results. It is recommended to use a wet towel with warm water to wipe the cosmetics us..
70% of sex toys worldwide are produced in China. JY Doll are one of them. They are even more beautiful than a real woman. Long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face….. It can be sexy and glamorous, or it can be cured purely. It is the look of many male dream l..
In the past, sex dolls were fully functional and designed solely as sex toys. They were a garish pink and looked vaguely human with mouths and intimate bits like a startled trout. New technologies including robotics and artificial intelligence, online shopping and a new breed of discerning customers..
Phone sex is a lot of fun and that's the reason so many people have it. You can have phone sex with your spouse and you can have with a stranger. It just takes being able to talk about your fantasies and a willingness to play with someone who is so horny they can't stop touching each other. If you r..
Sex with a robot doll is no longer a futuristic sci-fi plot, it is now a realized reality. More and more people are interested in these sex robots, but for very different reasons. Can not help but thought-provoking, what is so special about sex robots? Combining and connecting new technologies. ..
Do you want to take the doll home? Do you really understand the doll? If you want to buy a 1:1 simulation doll, but don't know much about female sex doll , the following questions and steps are very important. Please read it carefully first. How to choose a lover doll that suits ..
With the popularization of sex doll technology, we can now buy our favorite sex dolls for less than $1000 without having to use torso dolls or reverse masturbation. For customers who purchased this product for the first time, we have made this checklist and Sex Doll Guide to let you know more. silic..
Why do people choose realistic sex doll ? Why are they treated as pure sex dolls while others love them like their partners? Why do some people recognize the soul inside, but some people can't? So far-in my opinion-these questions have not been properly investigated, and most important..
I am a happy married 30-year-old man living in Japan with my beloved adult doll. A year ago, my wife moved to the UK for better career opportunities. Although we may meet over the phone, video call, or even physically (rarely), we do not experience the same level of happiness. I love my wife so much..
There are two types of doll's vagina: one-piece hole and removable vagina. Both types of vaginas have highly repaired the vaginal structure. There are countless spiral folds and fleshy particles. Dick feels like shaving after entering. So you need lubricant! This reduces friction and there is not..
One topic is the discovery of a female body in a river in Aomori Prefecture on June 18, 2021. In fact, in August 2017, a realistic sex doll that was washed away in a river near Wenling City, Shandong Province, China was mistaken for a female corpse. The cause of these incidents is the ..
Oksexdoll Shop offers a wide range of realistic sex doll brands for you to choose from. All the brands on sale are officially authorized and guaranteed to be 100% authentic! Here, from personalized customization to cutting-edge technological innovation, from cost-effective price to high-end quality, we can give you or your lover a warm surprise. Let's explore together!
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