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As the adult product market expands, more and more online stores are starting to sell real sex dolls. There are a lot of real dolls that we want to recommend, but first of all, we will introduce the popular TPE sex doll makers because of their personal subjectivity.

Although TPE love doll is attractive at low prices, it has a variety of high quality and texture, but I feel the biggest attraction is the large number of face lineups. It is definitely attractive to find your favorite face, and it is no wonder that many owners choose TPE real doll.

By the way, many cheaper and cheaper versions of TPE sex dolls are on the market, but they tend to have a lot of concerns over the material, such as their deterioration over time and their ease of tearing. Even if the sex doll price goes up a little, we recommend that you purchase a genuine manufacturer.

WM Doll is a major popular love doll manufacturer, which is a high quality TPE sex doll brand manufactured by Jinsan Mannequin Co., Ltd, the world's most popular real doll factory in China. WM Doll was founded in 2010 and manufactures and sells real sex dolls for the first time in the world. There are many products for Europe, but there are many heads and bodies for Japan. The style is almost similar to that of a real woman, but there are also bodies such as extreme super milk. The face lineup is abundant, and it is a very popular and popular real love doll manufacturer with a very high degree of completion.

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JY Doll is the second largest real doll manufacturer in China. President Liu is a leading sales representative at Kimsan Factory (WM Doll) and is familiar with market needs. There were many tpe sex dolls styles that were a little off the ground but in the form of "male delusions", but in recent years the real sex dolls industry has begun pioneering the creation of flocked silicon super real heads. We are pioneering acrobatic routes that are ideal, maniac, and realistic. The material TPE elastomer is soft, the metal joints are durable, and each part such as a hole is elaborately manufactured.

There are a number of authorized dealers here, but who can confirm the proof of genuine products is recommended. In addition to its relatively low price and high quality, it is a real doll manufacturer that is gaining popularity. TPE sex doll maker who works on high-quality models of original routes. It is characterized by producing a wide range of love dolls, from cute models to foreign-style adult-like models. More than 200 face lineups are available! It is definitely the top class among authorized distributors.

In addition, oksexdoll can receive a set of four pieces of real sex dolls care kits for free in addition to a campaign that adds one cosplay and one wig for free. Since it is possible to make detailed customization, it is fun to try customization on the official website. Custom-made services that can create original faces based on photos etc.

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