Sep 01, 2021

Is Silicone The Best Material For Love Dolls?

At present, the main materials of realistic sex doll are TPE and silicone, which are the main types of silicone sex dolls. Silicone resin is a thermosetting elastomer, non-toxic and odorless to water. Silicone is easy to clean, but it is sometimes said to be sticky. But why is it still used so often when making sex dolls?

Why silicone dolls are special

Silicone sex dolls are expensive, but they are resistant to high temperature, waterproof and not dirty. The silicone doll has the most realistic vagina and anus, which is a big advantage. They are as close as possible to the true feelings of women. The size of the silicone doll is appropriate, and different colors, sizes and heights can be installed according to your choice. This means that silicone love dolls can be customized to meet your needs. Compared with other famous sex doll TPE, the surface of silicone is smooth.

real doll

What are the main benefits of silicone love dolls?

Compared with other sex dolls, this sex doll is easy to clean and disinfect, and is not sensitive to heat. This type of material can maintain its shape and support its weight. Due to its porous texture, sex dolls are very smooth and feel better than real skin.

They are hypoallergenic. In other words, life-size sex dolls are made of materials that react weakly to human skin. Sex dolls made in this way can be disinfected during the cleaning process. The material of this sex doll has excellent heat resistance. You can also put it in hot water for disinfection.

Not only that, they bring you more than just sexual interest. The high insulation rate allows you to warm up before making love. Unlike all other sex doll types, they are easy to clean. As it has anti-fouling and anti-dyeing functions, there is no need to worry about dyeing or dyeing dyes. (Although it is not recommended that silicone dolls always wear dark clothes)

The most cost-effective silicone doll brand is Future Doll. Compared with other TPE sex doll, silicone dolls are more realistic, just like real people. These brands are available from, our authorized distributor in Japan.