July 22, 2021

What Should I Do If The Silicone Sex Doll Is Broken?

The high-simulation human doll and TPE sex doll made of silicon material have a metal skeleton. Under normal circumstances, bones are not easy to break, but colloidal skin is fragile. For example, if it exceeds the limits of physical activity and flexibility, it is fragile. TPE is more elastic than silicone, but it is easily damaged by sharp objects (knives, debris, etc.). Especially the vulva of the love doll made of silicone material is prone to skin tears.

Generally speaking, if the sex doll accessories have repair glue, and you find that the appearance of the doll is slightly damaged, you can repair it yourself. So how to fix it? Now, I would like to introduce the restoration of silicon dolls.

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1. First prepare the silicone adhesive and repair tools.
2. Clean the damaged surface properly.
3. Next, apply the adhesive evenly on the two cut surfaces.
4. Apply adhesive on the outside.
5. Wait about 30 minutes for the adhesive to dry.

This is normal and there are some scratches on the outside. From now on, pay attention to this part and don't overstretch it. Also, keep in mind that tpe raw materials are different from repair adhesives and silicone materials because it is made in a high-temperature manufacturing process.

Generally speaking, the injury of a realistic sex doll will cause your limbs to be overactive, or it will hurt hard objects and utensils, so be careful when using the doll!