Sep 27, 2021

How To Personalize Love Dolls After Purchase

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This article explains how to personalize your sex doll after purchase.

The lover doll of the same brand of the same brand looks exactly the same, but I bought that lover doll, so only she (he) wants to be my only exclusive lover.

Most brands on the market now basically have only one choice: whether to choose "flocking" is based on the difference of the same love doll factory.

People who want to personalize their love dolls usually choose the non-flocking version of the head.

The advantage of the non-hair transplant version of the head sculpt is that it can be personalized and can also have a variety of shapes.

The personalized advantage of Rrealistic sex doll, you can make her unique by dressing up.

There are roughly the following types of specific settings.

1.1. Identity setting: rich parents, sisters from neighbors, high Sexy high levels, high qualityhood sweethearts, etc.

2. Vocational settings: teachers, police, nurses, white-collar workers, etc.

3. Personality setting: passionate and unrestrained, stable and interesting, cute and cute, etc.

4. Relationship settings: sister, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc.

After the sex doll leaves the factory, there is no name, no identity, and a completely blank life. You need to dress them up and give them an independent personality.

In addition to fixing the head and body of the love doll, his fun is that his hair, eyes, facial makeup, clothing, accessories and shoes can all be tailored to his own taste. I will explain them one by one below.

After TPE Love dolls leaves the factory, the head sculpture and body cannot be replaced.

Her joy is that her hair, eyes, facial makeup, clothes, accessories and shoes can be tailored to her taste.