July 15, 2021

What Kind of People Use Sex Dolls?

By 2021, adult products will play an increasingly important role. Many people have their own unique hobbies for the existence of realistic sex doll. Among them, for some men, Real dolls are undoubtedly one of their favorites. Such toy real dolls have always been widely favored by men for their easy-to-store design, appearance similar to real women, and rich interaction methods. However, Love dolls themselves are divided into different categories. After understanding them in detail, people still think that the existence of various categories in this big family is still quite interesting.

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Most people will despise people who use adult sex dolls

I often hear sarcasm, such as "Yes, he is using a love doll. I'm sorry" or "I'm a nerd because she can't do this kind of garbage in the real world. "I have to do this.

I believe many people have come into contact with such terrible words. But is this really the case? If I use a tpe love doll, should I be despised, underestimated or criticized? I don't think so at all. Because I believe that people who use sex dolls are the best in the world.

I used to be a person who was not good at communication. I have dated her dozens of times, but not only did not have good results, but also brought painful memories to them. When I was a child, my family reasons gave me a morbid emotional psychology. So I became a very insecure person. I couldn't believe it, because if she could, I could have done it. In this way, in the event that various problems cannot be solved in the end, they can only choose to break up.

In terms of sex, my libido is very strong, so this is one of the first reasons I have been looking for her. In addition, she has a history of having sex with her. It's scary, but I just can't stand it. At this rate, I thought it was over. At the same time, I completely lost the ability to love someone seriously.

The love doll solved my psychological problem

During that period of despair, I saw a mail order store called OkSexDoll on the Internet. Among them, all kinds of lover dolls have everything. I immediately bought a doll exactly like the one I dated earlier. In addition, the love dolls in this mail-order store are quite cheap. It's really strange that you can buy such a beautiful and really loved doll for less than $3,000.

I have never dated a human girlfriend since then. I have hurt many girls before, but now I don’t want to do that anymore. No one can forgive the harm caused by their own psychological problems to other ordinary people.

So, from the first time, I respect people who use mini sex doll. Among them, there are many real doll users who don't want to bring painful and painful memories to the other party. There is no longer a need to answer the question of how good the person who uses the lover doll is, but a trash man who is dating many women in society at the same time and cannot get his heart.