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Discover The Origins: Who Invented Sexdolls

The creation and development of sex dolls have a complex and multifaceted history, influenced by a variety of cultural, technological, and social factors. While it's difficult to pinpoint who created sexdolls, the concept of artificial companions and human-like figures dates back centuries. Over three or four centuries, sex doll evolution has changed dramatically, from leather puppets to lifelike robot sex dolls. As more and more lifelike dolls become available, the technology behind them shows no signs of slowing down in the long term. The evolution of the real doll is a fascinating story, please follow me as I explore who invented the first love doll.

who invented sex doll

Who Created Sex Dolls?

  • According to early historical records, the concept of creating artificial companions dates back to ancient times. There are many versions of the story about who invented the first adult love doll, which has not yet been confirmed. In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion carved a statue of a woman and fell in love with it, a story that has inspired various adaptations throughout history. Likewise, in Japanese culture, there is a long tradition of creating lifelike dolls, such as "Ningyo".
  • Over the course of three or four centuries, sex dolls have gone from leather puppets to lifelike full size sex dolls. One of the earliest love dolls history records of sex dolls is in the 17th century when Dutch sailors used hand-stitched leather puppets to "relieve boredom" during their voyages and brought them to Japan to trade with local sailors. Seafarers can feel lonely on long voyages, so this type of device was born naturally.
  • Fast forward a few centuries to the 1930s, and writer Anthony Ferguson believes it was around this time that German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer invented the more modern physical doll. In his 2010 book A Brief History of Physical Dolls, he wrote: "The only difference between the mysterious, models Bellmer created in the 1930s and functional physical dolls was that they lacked the necessary entrance." And that missing piece came at the end of World War II with the invention of the inbeautifulable doll.
  • However, if you listen to unofficial history, many people may think that they were invented by Adolf Hitler. Rumor has it that he instituted this policy to prevent Germans from having sex with non-Aryan women, and others say he instituted this policy to prevent the spread of disease in the Nazi army. Currently, Adolf Hitler invented sex doll is a legend, and there is no substantial evidence to prove it.
  • Physical dolls first appeared in public-facing magazines in 1968, when it became legal to sell such supplies through the post office.
  • Over time, these real dolls have become more realistic, and new silicone and TPE materials have paved the way for eliminating the need for humans. Silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls are still the mainstream trend in the market. In the 21st century, talking companion robots emerge one by one, bringing "electronic emotion" to the fore. The evolution of sex dolls is still not over, and we are looking forward to the sex dolls of the future.

who invented sex dolla

How Invented Sexdolls?

Regarding the topic of who made sex dolls, the current situation is that manufacturers of real sex dolls are all over the world. Among them, China is the world's largest producer of adult products, accounting for 60%-80% of the global market, with a market size of 113.4 billion. It is also the largest exporter of love dolls.

More than 2,000 manufacturers are producing TPE sex dolls in China, among which AI-Tech Doll, WM, and other established manufacturers are the leading ones. Among them, AI-Tech currently specializes in robot dolls, which can smile and blink, and are high-priced products in the industry; WM Sex Doll uses TPE material as a breakthrough, occupying half of the TPE doll market; ZELEX Doll emphasizes high-end, high-quality silicone sex dolls, launched a variety of new dolls in European and American styles. As competition becomes more intense, more and more excellent love doll brands have introduced new advanced features, and the lifelikeness and experience of sex dolls are becoming more and more advanced.

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