Sep 01, 2021

Do Adult Reality Sex Dolls Provide Sexual Satisfaction?

I am a happy married 30-year-old man living in Japan with my beloved adult doll. A year ago, my wife moved to the UK for better career opportunities. Although we may meet over the phone, video call, or even physically (rarely), we do not experience the same level of happiness. I love my wife so much that I cannot refuse to see her leave me. Just thinking about moving to the UK made her feel frustrated, frustrated and anxious.

She came up with the unique idea of staying with her when she was away. She bought me the sexiest silicone doll in Japan. No one can replace my love for my wife, but my wife made me understand that she will satisfy my sexual desire like my wife and become a true partner. Today I fell in love with my wife's choice. Whenever we meet, we like to use your doll in the bedroom.

real dolls

Therefore, if you plan to buy silicone sex dolls, I will share my experience of how these dolls provide sexual satisfaction.

1. Know your sexual orientation

The life-size love doll provides the ultimate sexual pleasure by accurately understanding your taste. Adult dolls, whether they like to prick their pussy or like anal sex, will give priority to their own tastes and satisfy their sexual desires instead of attachments.

2. Soft skin

I get excited when I touch the beauty. Real Doll is made of silicone or TPE material and feels very soft. I don't think you can tell the difference between the skin of a real girl and the skin of a real silicone doll. Your doll may have more skin than your girlfriend or wife's skin.

3. The doll is to satisfy your sexual desire.

Therefore, they have flexible joints that can help you try the different gender positions you have always wanted to try. Therefore, if you are tired of trying the most common poses, such as missionary, doggy pose, cowgirl, then you need to try new sex poses with dolls.

4. Add fun to your bedroom life

According to my experience, realistic sex doll are the best way to add excitement and interest to your life. When my wife bought luxurious Japanese sex dolls at OkSexDoll, I didn't know how the dolls could improve our sex lives. But to my surprise, it helped me and my wife experience ten times more sexual pleasure than in the past. The trio is one of the activities we like to play with dolls.

5. Take an exciting trip with sex love doll parts

If you want to have fun while traveling, you can take sex doll parts with you. If you can carry the entire doll with you, you can choose to carry a detachable vagina or sex doll's torso, no matter where you are, you can satisfy its perfection or sexual desire. You can always have satisfactory sex with the doll in the car or hotel room.

Like my wife and I, you can enjoy a heavenly sexual experience with a doll. bring it on!