Sep 01, 2021

Why Don't I Be Jealous Of Men's Silicone Dolls

We can suppress it, ban it, deny it, and talk about it in small words. We are and still are slaves of our nature and education. All sane people-I emphasize everyone-want to have sex with the perfect optical partner and deny this lie. -Busta.

Nature has programmed reproduction for all of us. In addition, there is a society dedicated to optics. This is studying us in depth every day. Its appeal is important to success, fame and money.

But the reality looks different. Few people are visually perfect. Even so, he was aware of this a long time ago and used it mainly for his own benefit. There are countless examples of how visually perfect women and men can take advantage of this in love. This is reality, nothing else.

Realistic sex doll-for me-are the perfect way to get out of this dilemma. It satisfies everyone's desire for the perfect optical companion in bed, and also satisfies part of our education. You need to be close and friendly. Partners no longer need to be satisfied with hell. Furthermore, if this is impossible or undesirable, it will not be suppressed in any way.

sex dolls

When the pressure is over, the love between people becomes precious

When this kind of pressure is endured in love, there will eventually be room for people to build relationships. She is a good conflict resolver or chef, or because her artistic talent fascinates me, she has the same hobbies as me, and her spontaneity and skill in bed are also great. Make me laugh, so I can love my partner! There are many aspects to love. Once you break education and nature with sex dolls, you can be more relaxed in love.

This is why I am not jealous of my male love doll partner. I am not Adonis. I know that every woman needs to have a same-sex relationship with a visually perfect man and a visually perfect woman. Everything else is a lie. All of us have protection plans, especially those between 20 and 50. I am ten times more satisfied with her than a love doll, always denying myself, thinking that Brett Pitt is a sexist rather than me, and flying immediately when a visually superior man arrives. manufacture.

Sex dolls are a real revolution in sex for me. The fact that we don't use them, but demonize them and drive them out of bed into interpersonal relationships is self-evident. It represents a happy society, so it would rather deny its true nature and personal education than admit the greatness of human love. As long as this is the case, no one will tell me anything about the modernity revolution!