July 15, 2021

A Piece of News About Opposing Sex Dolls

In South Korea, it is called Real Doll, which is a bit difficult to explain, so I want you to check it yourself, but in South Korea, it seems that more than 200,000 people have applied to ban the sale of this realistic sex doll. Today, OkSexDoll introduces you to a women’s organization in that country. , Complain about human rights violations.

News details
After the Supreme Court ruled on the import license of "RealDoll"that mimics the female body, disputes about RealDoll have increased. Although the sales volume and purchase consultation volume of RealDoll have increased since the June ruling, the women's group insisted that "RealDoll's existence itself violates women's personality rights."Lee Sang-jin, a representative of the real doll importer and distributor Pull-Pull.com, said in a phone call with the Kookmin Daily on the 13th that "Inquiries about the purchase of sex dolls are flooded with Supreme Court judgments. It has already produced effects noise marketing .

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 However, criticism continues to believe that the purchase of Real Doll promotes sexual objectification and violates women’s personality rights. An activist at the Sexual Violence Counseling Center of the Korean Women’s People’s Association said: “RealDoll is a culture that hates women. In this culture, women are only seen as the object of satisfying male sexual desire.” The activist also said, RealDoll is a tool that can eliminate some male loneliness. He said, ""If you want to cure loneliness, you must establish a relationship with communication, not a doll. This is a logical leap."

Therefore, in June this year, the South Korean Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing the import of Real Doll, but from the perspective of female human rights activists, this is a violation of women's human rights. If you want to heal loneliness, you can communicate with people. News is that you insist that it is good and you oppose it. I don’t know much, but I think it’s impossible to heal a man’s sexual desire through communication.

Therefore, there is a man’s opinion as to why he should be stopped by a female activist and give the activist a male real doll.

 I really don’t understand why RealDoll has human rights issues. I checked it and found that the current RealDoll is really realistic and can look like a female artist, but if you want to make it very fine, just measure the size. It's actually difficult, because you have to shoot with a 360° camera.

 I usually think about it. When it comes to rights protection, I wonder if it will become RealDoll's commercial enemy. Then, I think they are just people who do business with the female body as a weapon, but the Sexual Violence Consultation Center of the Korean Women's Friendship Association protects their rights on behalf of these people. And if more than 200,000 South Koreans petition against importing RealDoll and regard Real Doll as a commercial enemy, I think this is another absurd country.

 I want to know that as a woman, I was a little angry when I was told that Real Doll violated the rights of women’s personality. I think Real Doll can only satisfy men’s sexual desires, but it is not so much a violation of women’s human rights as it is a contempt and prejudice towards women. I don’t think so.