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blonde sex dolls - Robots, VR and digital sex toys can't replace one thing. Mar Harrison explained what it was at the "Tech Open Air" (TOA) technology conference in Berlin on Thursday.

"Look around," said Mar Harrison, founder of the New York Center for Intelligence. "There must be someone in your eyes that you think is very popular!" shouted thousands of tech elite audiences who rushed to Berlin to attend the conference. They looked around and looked into each other's eyes. Of course, you've met someone before - because they're a specific person who looks interesting, smells good, and is moving. She went on to say that this interaction is what makes so appealing.

sex robot

Between autumn 2017 and February 2018, more than 22,000 participants from Germany and France were surveyed online about their openness to new sex doll technology.

More and more people accept sex dolls

Germans surveyed also had no health problems with the new technology: 70 percent received organs from 3D printers. More than half of the respondents participated in a permanent body scan. Continuously measure high blood pressure, pulse and hormone balance and provide direct information on current health status. Nanorobots -- robots inserted into human veins to repair cells -- have also been employed.

Acceptance of 3D printing technology

Respondents were more conservative when it came to DNA hacking and brain chips. Only one in three can imagine using the opportunity to change their genetic material on a computer, or to improve concentration, creativity or intelligence through brain "upgrades". Female respondents were generally more cautious, with approval of 3D-printed organs dwindling as they got older: significantly fewer people in the 60+ age group agreed to use the technology.

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