Ingenious Adult Sex Doll Production Process Overview

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People only know how to buy real dolls, but do people know how these dolls are made? The production process takes time and is very complicated. When people hear this, it is estimated that many people will be amazed at the craftsmanship of the East.

The production of the sex doll is full of uncertain factors

Apart from the visual differences caused by differences in height and size, there are not many different places in the visual, but in reality, they are not the same each. The production of silicone dolls is full of complexity and uncertainty.

The use of silicone as a raw material is costly and the process is more complicated. From the manufacture of metal skeletons to the filling of foams, all need to be handled carefully - the joints of the metal must be in the center of the silicone, otherwise it will lead to the production of defective products. No one wants to buy a sexual partner with a joint valgus or a paronychia.

Injecting soul into the sex doll

Including the late silicone mold, the slightest deviation can not occur, otherwise it will only be abandoned. The whole process begins with facial modeling, molding, trimming the body details, assembling and shaping, and applying the corresponding image and personality to the doll, just like praying for her and injecting soul.

The factory manager told me that only one doll can be produced per day. Mainly because silica gel curing generally takes 6 to 8 hours, in order not to affect other processes, this process is generally carried out at night. The staff came to work in the morning, opened the mold, and a live doll was made.

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Most dolls are custom-made

It is only a basic need to make dolls' face and body beautiful. In addition, these dolls will be crowned with different breast types according to different needs of customers, from flat chest to huge breasts, and whether you need to install lower body hair.

People are eager to get a perfect sexual partner

What the dolls have in common is that they have no mane, and the result depends on the consumer's definition of perfection.

“People are not perfect.” The other half of each person’s imagination is easier to live than life.

Silicone dolls are to some extent a symbol of perfect "body"

There are no pores or scars, and the so-called defects that have been deliberately modified are from the body of most humans. But on silicone dolls, people don't want to see these problems appear.

In another sense, what people need is not a real person, but a humanoid partner.

But in the face of a real silicone doll, the attitude of the outside world tends to become ambiguous and serious.

For the factory, the starting point for the production of dolls is to create a partner to solve the loneliness of some modern people. It may contain sex, but it does not just exist as a sex product.

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