Do You Know Development Of Realistic Sex Dolls?

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Whenever people talk about sex dolls, they are always confused about its origins. Under what circumstances the real sex doll was invented, and from when it was generally accepted that it would become a popular adult product. The text describes the journey of realistic doll development.

17th century

The sex dolls were first made during the 17th century by the Dutch Soldiers as they had to spend numerous days on the ship. During those days they face a need for sexual stimulation as no woman was available there on the ship. Therefore, in order to gratify this need, they made real sex doll for sexual arousal. At that time, they used clothes for making these dolls. These Dutch sailors sold few of their dolls to Japanese, and they named these dolls as dutch wives.

Replica Dolls – 1910s

From the 17th century till 1916, the popularity of these masturbation puppets grew. However, during this era, people started to make sex dolls that resemble a specific woman. In 1916, Oskar Kokoschka, an artist, created a life-like puppet of his love Alma Mahler. He made the doll with so many details that every cut and curve of the doll was made similar to Mahler’s body.

World War and Sex Dolls – the 1930s

The first sex dolls close to life-like was created in 1930 during World War 2. Nazi Germany made these dolls as they were away from homes for a long period of time. This loneliness resulted in the extreme need of masturbation, and they found out the solution of it by making love dolls. Real sex doll made it easy for them to masturbate.

A Transformation Era – 1950s

As the demand for love doll was on boost, manufacturers were thinking of ways to make these dolls close to human beings. They came up with an idea of changing the material for making lifelike sex dolls. Initially, clothes were used that does not give it a close-to-reality look. The manufacturers of Japan initiated the idea of using vinyl or silicon for making these dolls. Though usage of silicon was rare still, you may get a chance to see few. They not only changed the material but increased the size of the dolls for giving it a real touch.

Advertising Era – 1960 to 1980

From 1960 to 1990, this was the time period when the demand for these realistic sex dolls was on the peak. This increased demand resulted in advertisements of these dolls. As many companies started making sexual toys, therefore company owners felt a need to advertise their product. During 1980, advertisements of real sex dolls made an appearance in porn magazines. However, during 1980, these advertisements increased, and many other mediums were also used for giving these advertisements.

real sex doll history

The birth of the internet – 2000 to 2008

During the late 19th century, the internet made emergence, and within months its popularity grew. With a year or two, online web pages were introduced. Realistic love doll manufacturers also utilized this medium for selling their dolls. With the help of the online web, the sale of sex dolls became quick and easier. People from all over the world started to purchase real dolls from Japan and the US.

More Names in the market – 2005-2013

In 2010, a sexual toys brand was launched in China. The venture was a success, and people from other countries started to order their masturbation partners from China as well. Many brands of sexual accessories were opened in Europe. By looking at the need of the market, the prices of the real sex doll also increased.

Birth of Middle Class – 2014

Before 2014, sex dolls were a fun thing for the elite strata only. As the prices of the dolls were so high, a middle-class person cannot even think about purchasing one. When middle-class grew in China, various cheaper sex toys brand made their appearance. WM Dolls was one of the pioneer brands who introduced pocket-friendly real dolls.

Sex dolls or sex robot

With the advancement in technology, manufacturers of sex dolls are trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in their sex dolls. People are fed up with the never-moving sexual partner. Now they wanted to see a few more unique features in it. Therefore, manufacturers are waiting to introduce new movable sex dolls in the market. Though it may result in increased prices, customers need innovative real sex dolls.

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