Aug 24, 2021

Keep Your Love Doll Clean And Tidy

Just like a normal woman, keep your realistic sex doll clean. It is important to keep the sexual doll clean and tidy to prevent damage. Fortunately, it can be easily washed off in the shower or bath. Taking care of your dolls and keeping them in good condition can add to their lives for years, just follow our guidelines below.

Have sex with your love doll

You should use water-based lubricants when having sex with your doll, either in the anus or in the vagina. Not only does it make the experience more realistic, it also helps to avoid tears on the skin. Realistic sex dolls can be quite heavy, so be careful when trying certain positions. Do not put your weight on delicate areas such as your hands or ankles (such as your doggy style). It may cause damage. Support your doll with cushions whenever you experiment in different positions.

Clean your sex doll

Whether you have silicone female dolls or TPE stuff, you can wash both of them by hand with hot water and soap. It is important to wash the doll regularly, especially after sex, to keep her fresh and hygienic. It is advisable to use a mild detergent, preferably an antibacterial agent, to avoid potential reactions. Stick to the usual ones, as colored or scented soaps can stain your TPE love doll. Be careful not to get your head wet, especially when bathing the doll. Because the head is delicate and it is difficult to dry all the dents. For the head, use a warm face cloth to rub the face, neck and head.

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You can buy a professional detergent that can make the process a little faster. An anal or vaginal washer can be inserted into the cavity to wash them away. They act like irrigation by ejecting water from a nozzle. For best results, start with cold water, continue after sex, and then finish with warm water and soap. If you don't have a professional irrigation system, a bottle can work as well.

After washing the mini sex doll, wipe it off with a clean towel by tapping it. Avoid blow-drying as this can damage the skin. It is recommended to wipe off any remaining water with talcum powder. Talcum powder and baby powder also give female love dolls a soft feel. If your doll ever feels sticky or sticky, reapply a little bit of powder.

Wash hair

If you are buying a life-sized love doll for the first time, you may not know that the doll is wearing a wig. It is a brunette on weekdays and blonde on weekends. Wash your hair separately with a mild shampoo and conditioner and let it dry naturally. Gentry then brushes his hair to keep it tangled. We do not recommend using a hair dryer, but if necessary, use a cooler setting to avoid damaging the strands.

Female Doll Maintenance Quick Checklist
* Use water-based lubricants during sex
* Use pillows and cushions to support the doll in a specific position
* Clean your body regularly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water
* Wipe vaginal and anal pits with irrigation bottles or bottles
* Wash the head separately with a face cloth
* Wash the wig separately with mild shampoo and conditioner
* Dry your doll with a towel. Avoid using a hair dryer as these can cause damage
* Sprinkle talcum powder on the skin to dry it completely and keep it soft
* Avoid direct sunlight and foul odors, please store in a cool and dry place
* Avoid clothing that is not discolor resistant or contains ink