July 16, 2021

What Should I Pay Attention to When Moving With A Doll?

Real dolls are important partners, so many people will stay with them for many years. But keep in mind that getting along with realistic sex doll for a long time can be a big problem for you. "Moving" can be regarded as one of the main problems. Some people may be troubled by the size and weight of the doll in daily life, but when moving house, the size and weight of the doll will be more difficult. In addition, if the packaging is incorrect, it may cause deformation or malfunction, so you must be careful. So this time, I will introduce the precautions when moving with a love doll.

Be sure to pack the sexy sex doll

When moving a real doll, it's best to tighten the packaging so as not to scratch it! The skin of the love doll is not very fragile and will not tear due to slight irritation, but if handled roughly, it will be scratched. Just like human skin is rubbed and scratched, but unlike humans, the skin of silicone love dolls will not heal over time, so scratches should be avoided as much as possible.

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Keep the adult sex doll's box when you receive it

The best packaging method is to use the cardboard box and packaging materials used when I buy and ship the doll. Of course, TPE sex doll are carefully packaged, so they will not be scratched when shipped from the manufacturer. If you reproduce the situation at that time, even if you use movement to move it, you can avoid damaging the doll.

In addition, there are small lover dolls of 100 cm and adult dolls of 160 cm or more, so it is difficult to find a carton that fits this size. If you keep the cardboard box when you buy, there is no need to worry. Another problem is that the cardboard box when you buy it is very large. Depending on the house you live in, it is difficult to store the packaging materials containing the doll in it. Especially for people who have multiple love dolls, there is a problem that it is actually very difficult to store all the cartons and packaging materials.

Therefore, in addition to the carton, the packaging materials that fix the inside of the doll can be used to pack towels or wrap the doll at home.

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Pay attention to the oil problem of TPE sex play

At this time, we must pay attention to the problem of "oil leakage" from the Aiwawa body and the "color transfer" problem of the color of the cloth used for packaging transfer to the Aiwawa skin. The material of Aiwawa will ooze grease. This grease is called "oil oozing". If this oil oozes into the fabric, it will be difficult to remove even after washing.

In addition, this kind of oil leakage will cause the dye used in the fabric to transfer to the skin of the love doll. Once transferred, it is almost impossible to restore the skin tone. Considering these points, when using cloth to make love doll packaging materials, there is no problem even if it is soaked in oil and thrown away. It is fine to use white cloth without worrying about color transfer.

It’s best not to let the moving company move the real doll

If you don’t like moving company employees to carry mini sex doll, you can consider not relying on the moving company’s transportation methods. Even if Aiwa is packed tightly, you have to think of a way when you move.

"When moving, it's not that difficult to hand over the transportation of the luggage to the moving company?"

Some people may think so, but depending on the moving company, the content and quantity of large packages may be checked, for example when making estimates.

Not many people will say "there are sex dolls!", so if you don't want the moving company to know the lover dolls, you should find a way to bring them to new places.

The easiest way is to "carry it with you."

Depending on the size of the doll, it may be difficult to load it into the car, but once loaded, you can carry the doll without anyone knowing it.

It is certainly convenient to have a private car, but if you can drive without a car, you can rent a car. If you love a lot of dolls and have large luggage, it depends on the situation and the weather. One way is to rent a light truck.

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However, if you move too far, both private cars and rental cars will be difficult to transport.

In this case, it is recommended to use the "carried by courier" method. As long as you pack up properly and pick up your luggage at home, you don’t have to write "love doll" on the list honestly, so if you write "furniture", what's in it? No need to worry about it coming out. The problem with this method is that the love doll is large and heavy, so it is expensive.

If such a situation is difficult to deal with, the last resort is to say goodbye to Love doll.

First, there is a method of "selling as a second-hand item on an auction site". However, this method may be a bit difficult for people who are not familiar with the auction site, because you have to take pictures of Aiwawa and write your own description.

In addition, you can't always buy it, so if you don't have time to move, it may be difficult.

If you want to deal with Iwawa more easily, you can find "Iwawa buyers" sites on the Internet, so it's best to contact them. Depending on the situation of Aiwawa, it may not be expensive or not priced at all, but it is very difficult to deal with Aiwawa separately, so if you think you can deal with it on your behalf, it is very worth using. Yes.

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When living with Aiwawa, the difficulty of moving is a problem that everyone faces. It is natural to want to be together as much as possible, but depending on the situation, this may not be possible. If you can move together, please pay attention to the transportation, even if it must be handled, it must be handled properly so as not to disturb others.

I am lonely, but it's time to say goodbye to Aiwawa.

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